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Find a wedding band near you for hire for your big day! If you want a first-class band that will keep your guests dancing all night you're in the right place. Whether you need to book wedding music for the reception, ceremony or party, we have 360 of the best live wedding bands available to book!

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Hire The Alleycatz
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£1000 - £6875
Wedding bandLondon

The Alleycatz are one of the UK's Premier function bands! A brilliant 5-12 piece pop/Motown & funk band that'll bring class to any occasion!

Hire Stallions & The Bear
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Wedding bandColchester

Hailing from the Sicilian City of Palermo (Italy), Stallions & The Bear are one of the UK's most vibrant and popular wedding and event bands

Hire The Weekend Grooves
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£675 - £4760
Wedding bandLondon

4+ piece party band ready to fill the groove and fill the dance floor with music from the 50's all the way up to current hits.

Hire I Love Amp
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£1300 - £1800
Wedding bandSalcombe

I Love Amp are an incredible 4 piece party band offering a dynamic set list, they know how to entertain! The UK's favourite party band! 🇬🇧

Hire Bounce
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£2500 - £4500
Wedding bandLondon

London-based 6-piece pop/rock/dance crossover band. From Beyonce to DJ Fresh, guaranteed to make you spill your drink all over yourself!

Hire Over The Top
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£500 - £1550
Wedding bandManchester

With their infectious energy, exceptional talent, and diverse repertoire, Over The Top will keep your party alive from the very first note!

Hire The Soul Establishment
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£1340 - £2880
Wedding bandPaisley

The Soul Establishment are a first class 2 - 11 piece soul band specialising in high energy music for weddings, corporate events and parties

Hire Velvet Diamond
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£1688 - £2375
Wedding bandLoughton

Party band ready to deliver the most captivating and interactive perforance you and your guests have ever seen!

Hire The Talent Party Band
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£2625 - £5250
Wedding bandLondon

The Talent is no ordinary party band, they have an energy on stage second to none & regularly appear around the globe at high profile events

Hire White Light
View profile
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£1250 - £1625
Wedding bandBracknell

The energy of an originals band covering all eras. Glastonbury & Livestock experience. Smiles on faces, feet on dance floor, amazing reviews

Hire LDN Showband
View profile
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£8659 - £14689
Wedding bandLondon

London's #1 Showband. Featuring a collective of the country's finest session musicians.

Hire Madame Riviera
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Wedding bandLondon

With a DJ and live band you’ll have the dance floor jumping whilst flawless musicians wow the crowd with their impressive performances!

Hire Eccentric Pony
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£800 - £1550
Wedding bandWarrington

The Ultimate Party & Wedding Band - Eccentric Pony provides the perfect soundtrack for your event!

Hire Kid At The Back
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£975 - £1500
Wedding bandTring

One of the most versatile bands around, boasting a repertoire of over 500 songs from Rock & Pop classics to Funk and jazz standards.

Hire The Covered
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£2125 - £3550
Wedding bandHenley-on-Thames

Multi-award winning wedding & party 6-8 piece band playing floor-filling Motown, soul funk pop and rock classics from across the decades!

Hire Upbeat Street
View profile
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£600 - £2075
Wedding bandGillingham

Upbeat Street is an award-winning high-energy premium party band playing classic & modern dance floor fillers from the last six decades.

Hire The Nat O'Brien Band
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£900 - £1750
Wedding bandGreater Manchester

The #1 collective of pro musicians from Greater Manchester who deliver Funk, Soul, Motown and much more. We are your band!

Hire Central Avenue Band
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£795 - £2800
Wedding bandGuildford

Live Wedding & Corporate Band. Disco, Funk & Soul Music. High-Energy, Award Winning at over 200 Events, 100+ Five Star Reviews, DJ Services

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The typical price per group member for Wedding Bands is:

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Frequently asked questions

What is cheaper, a wedding band or a DJ?

The cost of a wedding band or a DJ can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, experience, reputation, and the exact services provided. However, in general, wedding bands cost more than DJs as they have multiple musicians, instruments, sound systems, and often require more rehearsal time. While DJs are a cost-effective option, live bands bring energy and atmosphere to your wedding day, enhancing the overall experience. While DJs offer a playlist, wedding bands offer a genuine, emotive performance, making your special day truly extraordinary and leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests. It’s important to note that most bands will play pre-recorded music through their PA system before and during their live shows to get people in the mood and keep the party going. Most bands provide this for free, however, some may charge a small fee. If you want a DJ service after the final live set until the end of the evening, most bands charge between £150 and £250 on average. As with all musicians, choosing a band that is closer to the venue will help reduce travel fees and overall costs, so we recommend considering local wedding bands first.

Is a wedding band worth it?

Yes, hiring a live wedding band is definitely worth it. The intimacy and intensity of live music can heighten celebrations and they interact with your guests on a more intimate level, making the occasion feel more special. Hiring a professional wedding band also ensures smooth transitions, appropriate volume levels, and a flawless performance.

What time should a wedding band start?

It's completely dependent on what you want for your day! Usually a wedding band will play for a few hours at the evening party (e.g. 7:30-10:30pm). However, lots of bands offer an acoustic afternoon set for the drinks reception or wedding breakfast (e.g. the singer and guitarist performing as a duo), or may offer a late night DJ set for a small additional charge.

How long do you need a band at a wedding?

Typically, wedding bands perform two 1-hour sets or three 40-minute sets, with a 15- to 30-minute break in between. Setup and soundcheck will take about an hour and a half for your band.

Can a wedding band play outside?

This is possible if the weather is warm enough and there is a marquee/gazebo that covers the group and protects the electrical equipment. They will also require access to a nearby power source.

How do I choose a wedding band?

Start by defining your budget and discussing your music preferences with your partner. Consider your wedding theme and venue, ensuring the band aligns with your vision. If stuck, speak to one of our experts who can provide you with tailored recommendations to suit your tastes and budget. You can look through our musician’s profiles, watching videos of them performing to see how they engage with their audience and listening to samples to gauge their style. You can also check client reviews to be assured of their professionalism and reliability. You can also use our platform to talk to the musicians directly about song requests and customisation options to make your wedding music personal to your relationship. Finally, confirm the band's availability, agree on any requirements they might have, and secure your choice promptly to ensure a seamless musical experience on your special day.

Why are wedding music bands so expensive?

Wedding music bands come with a higher price tag due to several factors. Firstly, their members are experienced and talented musicians who have dedicated years to perfecting their craft. The time and effort invested in rehearsals, song selection, and personalisation for each wedding contribute to their pricing. Additionally, professional bands use high-quality musical instruments, sound systems, and lighting equipment to ensure top-notch performance quality, all of which come at a significant cost. These bands offer versatility by covering a wide range of music genres and accommodating specific song requests, requiring extensive preparation and practice. Moreover, reputable bands incur expenses for liability insurance and taxes, all of which contribute to their operational costs. If the wedding venue is distant, travel and accommodation expenses further add to the overall price. When hiring a wedding band, couples are not just paying for the performance but also for the expertise, preparation, equipment, and customisation that go into creating a memorable musical experience for their special day.

What songs will a wedding band perform?

Professional wedding bands usually have extensive song lists—they're experienced musicians and will cater the songs they play to fit the mood of the night (with your input and ideas of course!). A wedding band's first priority is hitting the right tunes at the right time, getting your guests dancing, and making sure the evening is unforgettable. Unlike a pre-organised Spotify playlist, wedding bands will 'read the room', providing the right musical atmosphere to suit the moment. Make sure you tell the band the song you'd like them to play for the first dance well in advance—they might already know it, but best not to risk it!

When should I get the band to perform?

After the wedding dinner is usually your best bet. The band will normally set up during dinner, and be ready to start the party when you are. If you're after something low-key, getting the band to play background music during canapes is not unheard of—simply let them know beforehand.

Will the wedding band provide all their own equipment?

Wedding bands will come well-prepared with all their own equipment: lights, PA system, music gear, and sometimes even a sound assistant! To give them a break between their sets, they will also often provide a DJ service, which will keep the guests happy and the dancefloor moving (& perhaps, even grooving—depends on if you invited crazy uncle Albert or not).

How far in advance should I book my wedding band?

We recommend making a reservation as soon as possible because the best wedding bands frequently get booked a year (or more) in advance. However, at Encore, we manage last-minute reservations and can easily find a wedding band on short notice. If you need help booking wedding entertainment for your big day, have a look at Encore's curated collection of bands to hire for weddings or speak to one of our experts for additional peace of mind.

How to choose a wedding band music?

Start by defining your budget and discussing your music preferences with your partner. Consider your wedding theme and venue, ensuring the band aligns with your vision. If stuck, speak to one of our experts who can provide you with tailored recommendations to suit your tastes and budget. You can look through our musician’s profiles, watch videos of them performing to see how they engage with their audience and listen to samples to gauge their style. You can also check client reviews to be assured of their professionalism and reliability. You can also use our platform to talk to the musicians directly about song requests and customisation options to make your wedding music personal to your relationship. Finally, confirm the band's availability, agree on any requirements they might have, and secure your choice promptly to ensure a seamless musical experience on your special day.

How to book a wedding band?

Encore is the simplest method for hiring a live wedding band. You can look through hundreds of band profiles, and customer reviews, and watch videos on our website to get a sense of how the bands perform live and engage with the audience. After you've selected a few, you can use our website to submit a request and receive quotations in a matter of hours. You can also speak with a member of our team personally, provide some information, and receive recommendations that are specifically catered to your needs.

What to look for in a wedding music band?

What to look for in a wedding band will depend on the size of your wedding, type of wedding, if you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, your music preferences and how much crowd interaction you’d like. Other things you might want to consider include: - How many weddings they have performed before and check the reviews on their profile. - Consider your guests' ages and musical tastes. Will there be a good mix of music for everyone to enjoy? - Do you want high-energy dance music all night, or a mix of upbeat and slower, romantic songs? With Encore, you can find all this information on the musician’s profiles and we put you in touch directly with the musicians so you can make sure the night goes exactly how you want it. Another option is to speak to one of our music experts directly who help thousands of couples looking for bands for weddings They’ll talk to you about your preferences and style of wedding and get back to you with personalised recommendations in a matter of hours.

Does wedding band play during dinner?

Traditionally, wedding bands take a break during dinner service. This allows guests to focus on enjoying their meal, have conversations, and avoid competing with loud music. However, you can book a wedding band that offers different line-up options throughout the day. For example, the two of the members can perform as a duo or trio to provide smooth background music during the dinner and then perform a livelier altogether for the party afterwards. This can also be a great cost-saving option as hiring multiple, separate musicians for one event can be expensive. Talk to one of our experts today or speak with the bands directly to find out more.

Bands to Fit Your Theme


The term "vintage" can mean many things to different people, but whether you're imagining a Gatsby-inspired, roaring 20s theme for your big day or a vibrant, retro 1950s wedding, Encore has got you covered. 

Jazz bands 

Jazz is a classic, versatile, and sophisticated genre of music that is perfect for a vintage-themed wedding. Our talented jazz bands bring the music to life with performances that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. 

Swing bands

Swing music was popular in the 1930s and 1940s and our skillful swing bands can play a variety of swing tunes, from classic hits for background music to more modern tunes to get everyone up and dancing. 

50s Rock 'n' Roll Bands

50’s Rock n Roll bands are perfect for couples looking for energetic and nostalgic music from Rock n Roll kings like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. 


If you want to complement the homely and charming atmosphere of a rustic-themed big day, hiring a wedding band with folk, country, or acoustic sounds can be a great choice. 

Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands with their stripped-back performances can create an intimate atmosphere, perfectly suited for the rustic setting.

Folk Bands

Folk music, often rooted in tradition and storytelling, provides heartfelt and intimate performances. The versatility of folk allows for a range of emotions, from joyful and celebratory to introspective and romantic, making it well-suited for a rustic-themed wedding day. 

Ceilidh Bands

A ceilidh band is a more interactive and vibrant form of wedding entertainment, perfect for your rustic wedding. Scottish or not, you can enjoy the infectious energy of the traditional Ceilidh dances, guided by a lively caller who instructs the steps, creating a sense of togetherness and celebration.


For a truly Bohemian wedding day, you’ll want wedding bands who have raw, authentic sounds and a free-spirited aesthetic. 

Indie Bands 

In true bohemian style, Indie bands often prioritise artistic expression and experimentation in their music and adopt a casual and authentic aesthetic that will harmonise with a bohemian-themed wedding. 

Gypsy Jazz Bands

The lively and improvisational nature of Gypsy jazz, with its acoustic guitars and violin, adds a playful and whimsical touch, perfect for a bohemian-themed wedding. 

Indie Bands

Indie bands bring an effortlessly cool vibe, perfectly capturing the free-spirited essence of the theme. From dreamy synth-pop to acoustic crooners, our indie bands can tailor their set to make sure you get the intimate, raw performance you’re after. 


For a classical and traditional-themed wedding day, we recommend timeless bands who have stood the test of time to add a touch of sophistication to your big day. 

Wedding bands 

The most popular choice of bands for weddings and for good reason. Wedding bands offer unmatched versatility in their set lists and have performed countless weddings, which has made them experienced, professional, and prepared. Additionally, Encore has the largest and most diverse selection of wedding bands for hire in the UK so you’re sure to find the right band for your big day. 

Soul & Motown Bands

There’s like the catchy tunes and infectious rhythms of Soul and Motown to get everyone up on their feet. Our Soul & Motown bands bring energetic performances and engaging stage presences that keep the party going on night long! 

Roaming bands 

Roaming bands are some of the best live bands for weddings because, unlike stage bands, roaming musicians interact directly with your guests. As such, they’re also great for weddings of all sizes and can cater to different groups and moods within your guest list.

Looking For Something Unique?

At Encore, we have the largest and most diverse selection of live music bands for weddings in the UK so if you want something a little different for your special day to make it stand out from the crowd, have a look at our top recommendations below. 

Steel Drum Bands 

Steel Drums are the sound of summer. Perfect for outdoor or beach weddings, steel drums have a relaxing yet danceable sound that is unmatched by any other instrument. 

Brass Bands

Brass bands aren’t just limited to loud marches and traditional tunes. Today's brass bands are incredibly versatile, skilled in everything from classical pieces and jazz standards to modern pop hits and funk grooves, making them perfect for both wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions. 

Mariachi Bands

Mariachi bands are always the life of the party. Not limited to Mariachi music as the name suggests, our bands have a wide range of songs in their repertories and can perform unique covers of modern songs at your request. 

Bavarian Oompah Bands

If you’ve got German heritage or are just a big Oktoberfest fan, consider booking a Bavarian Oompah band to entertain your guests. Additionally, Oompah bands are not as common at weddings, so their presence will definitely be a conversation starter and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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