Saxophonists for hire in Wokingham

Hire a saxophonist in Wokingham for your wedding, party or event. Whether you want to book a jazz saxophonist to perform sophisticated background music or you're looking for a saxophone player who will get the dance-floor pumping with Ibiza club classics, you've come to the right place. Browse our selection of the 203 best saxophonists local to Wokingham right here.

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Hire Kelvin J Parker
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£250 - £400

An experienced professional sax, clarinet & flute player with the ability to read the room, giving you the occasion you wished for.

Hire Mac The Sax
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£199 - £300

Versatile Saxophone Player Playing all Styles Chill/Smooth/Pop/House/Jazz and Classics creating a fabulous musical atmosphere for you all.

Hire Matt Pearse Sax
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£350 - £550

Matt is a professional, lively and energetic Sax player, with over 7 years of experience he is the perfect add-on to any event!

Hire Katy Jungmann
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£300 - £470

Katy has been playing saxophone in Jazz, House, Pop, Marching and Cuban groups for many years. Recording at Universal studios & Air Edel.

Hire KYRIsax
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£437.50 - £687.50

Renowned for his laid-back sax covers of commercial pop songs and his powerful live club shows with international DJs

Hire Max on Sax
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£650 - £750

Max is the #1 saxophonist based in London. He has performed with Basement Jaxx and Joey Bada$$.

Hire Dan Smith
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£350 - £650

Dan is an award winning jazz musician currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music, he performs all over the UK.

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- Saxophonist with Backing Tracks - Mobile Disco with Disco Lights - DJ&SAX - Solo Saxophonist - Wedding DJ and Sax Party DJ and Sax

Hire OG Sax
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£320 - £500

Versatile saxophonist specialising in Ibiza-style sets for weddings and private functions.

Hire Carlo Pulvi Sax
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£250 - £600

SAX PLAYER (Alto-Tenor) with 20+ years of experience available for studio/live gigs around London (Ibiza/House/Funk/Blues) in solo or group.

Hire Simon Currie
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Simon performs with all the saxophones and is ideal for Weddings, parties and corporate functions. He is also a member of The Manfreds.

Hire Simon Lee
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£250 - £700

Melodies that make Memories: Elevate your special moments with the captivating soulful sounds of Artis Simon Lee.

Hire Morgan James
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£200 - £425

Just a saxophone player with a desire to create joy with the sound of my music like moving current and drawing people together.

Hire Alvin
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£100 - £300

Young Sax Musician specialising in popular music, romantic music and the occasional classical music. Guaranteed to liven up your event!

Hire Firat Avci
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£300 - £450

Did anything one can do with a saxophone in Europe and Turkey, looking forward to do the same in London.

Hire Archie "XN TricK"
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£180 - £600
SaxophonistKings Langley

Multi-Award Winning, Unique style, Guitar riffs, Sax & Flute Beatboxing over Vocals.

Hire Andy Lightfoot
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£160 - £350
SaxophonistKingston upon Thames

Andy is a professional, versatile and friendly saxophonist and clarinettist with over 20 years experience.

Hire Chris Clayden
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Professional Sax player, I will play along to a DJ, backing tracks, etc. and will bring the energy and vibes!#

Hiring a Saxophonist in Wokingham

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Popular genres:
Pop, Jazz, Electronic
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3 hours
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June, July, August

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The typical price for a Saxophonist is:

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of music can a saxophonist play?

The saxophone's appeal is its adaptability; saxophonists can play practically anything, from modern pop to classical music to soulful jazz. While many saxophonists concentrate on one or more of these genres, it is not uncommon for professional saxophonists to be able to cover a wide variety of genres. As such, sax players are appropriate for everything from birthday parties to corporate events. Jazz music, funk, pop, R&B, blues, reggae, ska, and soul/Motown are the most popular saxophone genres. Saxophonists will also have a lengthy song list for you to browse if you so like. In our large selection of skilled saxophonists for hire, you'll discover a wide range of songs to choose from - take a look to see which is your favourite.

How long will a saxophonist play for?

A saxophonist will typically perform two to three 45-minute performances. Of course, depending on the scheduling of your event, they can be flexible, but bear in mind that they will need short 10-15 minute rests after their sets to collect their breath! Make sure to ask one of our fantastic saxophonists how they set up their set times; they may be able to personalise it specifically for your needs.

Can a saxophonist take requests?

Yes but check their song list first, as your request might already be on there. Otherwise, notify your saxophonist in advance; if they are unfamiliar with your music, they will need time to prepare. While most saxophonists would learn an additional song for free, keep in mind that some may charge for this additional service (especially if you want them to learn numerous more songs).

How far in advance should I book a saxophonist?

We recommend booking as soon as possible, especially if you have specific songs in mind, but at Encore, we manage last-minute reservations all the time and can easily find a saxophone on short notice.

Are sax players appropriate for weddings?

Absolutely, saxophone players are an increasingly popular choices for weddings. Their melodic and soulful tones add a touch of elegance and romance to any wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. Wedding saxophonists can perform a wide variety of music, ranging from classical and jazz to contemporary pop and soul, tailoring their repertoire to match the couple's preferences. During ceremonies, the saxophone's emotive sound enhances key moments like the processional or the exchange of vows, evoking deep emotions. During drinks receptions, wedding sax players can collaborate with DJs or bands, adding live elements to dance tracks and keeping the energy high on the dance floor. Saxophone solos or duets with other instruments can be a focal point, creating memorable, intimate performances for your big day. The versatility of saxophone music makes it suitable for various wedding styles, from classic and elegant affairs to modern and trendy celebrations. With their ability to infuse any moment with a touch of musical magic, sax players have become a cherished addition to wedding days, enhancing the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.

What types of music can saxophonists play? 

The saxophone is an extremely versatile instrument that lends itself well to a wide range of genres, from classical music and jazz to folk and ska. Below is a breakdown of the most common genres our saxophonists perform:

Classical Music:

* Solo Works: Concertos, sonatas, and solo pieces composed specifically for the saxophone showcase its technical and expressive capabilities.

* Chamber Music: From duos to larger ensembles, the saxophone blends beautifully with other classical instruments, enriching chamber music repertoire.

* Orchestral Music: Many orchestral works integrate the saxophone, adding unique timbres and textures to the overall sound.

Jazz and Blues:

* Classic Jazz: The saxophone is synonymous with jazz, with iconic players like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker shaping the genre.

* Modern Jazz: From smooth jazz to avant-garde explorations, the saxophone continued to evolve within the jazz landscape, offering diverse expressions.

* Blues: Whether adding gritty riffs or soaring solos, the saxophone brings depth and emotion to blues music.

Popular Music:

* Pop and Rock: Saxophone features add distinctive touches to pop and rock songs, creating memorable hooks or soulful bridges.

* Funk and R&B: The rhythmic and groovy character of the saxophone makes it a perfect fit for funk and R&B, providing energy and danceable vibes.

* Latin Music: From salsa and bossa nova to mambo and beyond, the saxophone adds richness and flavour to the rhythmic pulse of Latin music.

Other Styles:

* Folk and Country: The saxophone can bring a melancholic or uplifting touch to folk and country tunes, adding depth and emotional resonance.

* Ska and Reggae: The bright and punchy sound of the saxophone perfectly complements the laid-back grooves of ska and reggae, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

* Electronic Music: From chillwave to experimental tracks, the saxophone explores a new sonic territory, blending acoustic warmth with electronic textures.

What does a soprano saxophonist mean? 

Soprano saxophonists play the smallest and highest-pitched saxophone, known for its agility and bright sound. Often featured in classical and jazz music settings, some classic songs that feature a soprano saxophone include, “Careless Whisper” by George Michael and “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty. 

Take a look at the videos of our soprano sax players for hire to get a feel for their sound.

What does an alto saxophonist mean? 

Alto saxophones are the most common type of saxophone. Known for their warm, lyrical tone, alto saxophones are popular in jazz and pop. Some popular songs that include an alto saxophone include “Stand By Me” by Ben E King and “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. 

Check our collection of alto sax players for hire, to watch their videos and get a sense of their sound.

What does a tenor saxophonist mean? 

Larger and bolder than the alto, with a rich, expressive sound, the tenor saxophone is most commonly used in jazz, blues, and rock. Popular songs with a tenor saxophone include "Smooth Operator" by Sade and "The Girl from Ipanema" by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto. 

To get an idea of the sound of our tenor saxophonists for hire, check out their profiles where you'll find videos of them performing live.

What does baritone saxophonist mean? 

Deepest and lowest-pitched saxophone, the baritone saxophone adds a warm and full bottom end to the sound. Baritone saxophonists usually play in jazz, classical music, and even some contemporary music.

Respect by Aretha Franklin and “Pick Up the Pieces" by Average White Band are two popular songs that include a baritone saxophone.

To hear what our baritone sax players sound like, check out their profiles.

What does bass saxophonist mean? 

Rarest and largest saxophone, with a booming and tuba-like sound, bass saxophonists are mostly found in classical and experimental music.

Some classic bass sax songs include “Mood Indigo" by Duke Ellington and "Tiger Rag" by Original Dixieland Jass Band.

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