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Top 10 Saxophone Songs for a Wedding


Nothing captures the attention of your guests like the golden sound of a live saxophonist! But picking the right saxophone wedding songs can be hard.

We’ve used our musical know-how to pick out the very best sax wedding songs for your big day—whether it’s for the ceremony, the drinks reception, or the dancing at the end of the night.

We’ve added some handy info about each tune, giving you the backstory you might not have been familiar with. We’ve also included some clips from our Encore saxophonists to show you just what they’re capable of.

Saxophone players can perform in just about any style or genre you can think of. This flexibility makes them perfect for weddings. Also, while most saxophonists will perform wedding music with a PA system and backing track, there are loads of other options: sax and DJ (sometimes known as DJ Live), sax and piano, saxophone ensembles, you name it! We’ve shown just a few of those groups below—be sure to dig deeper into Encore’s other wedding ensembles if we’ve itched your curiosity.

If you’re already set on booking a wedding saxophonist, why not take a peek at the many saxophonists we have on Encore? With over 148 amazing UK-based saxophonists on Encore, you’ll be spoilt for choice and be sure to find the perfect musician for your special day.

Need advice on planning your wedding music? Read our Ultimate Saxophone Booking Guide – 2021 Prices, Advice and FAQs

What are some wedding ceremony songs for saxophone?

All of Me

Like much of John Legend’s music, this song was written for his wife, Chrissy Teigan. Perhaps this is what makes the song feel so authentic, so relatable for couples the world over. Legend himself said:

“At the same time as you’re giving everything up, you’re gaining everything, and that’s what the whole song is about.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Having All of Me performed on saxophone is a great way to create that romantic magic with less of the cliché.

That soaring melody line on the sax—it just works, doesn’t it? Slav On Sax here performing a heart-warming rendition of a John Legend classic.

A Thousand Years

This favourite is another beautiful tune full of lush romance. Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years perfectly captures the magic of marriage. So what more could you want for your special day…

Check out Encore saxophonist Alistair Grant playing this Christina Perri classic. With this helpful promo footage, it’s super easy to picture a saxophonist at your event

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This all-time classic works perfectly at your ceremony. The lilting melody and lush chords conjure up romance and love for all your guests. If you want to make Aunt Edna cry, this is the one for you…

This magical rendition by Katy Jungmann had us running for the handkerchief.


Ed Sheeran is the… perfect option for your big day! His acoustic, vibey songs get right to the… heart of love… We might not be able to get Ed at your venue, but this tune works beautifully on saxophone!

Book Kyri Sax to make your special day all the more special…


If Leonard Cohen’s ‘secret chords’ were good enough to ‘please the Lord’ then they’ll certainly be good enough for even the most divine weddings! Nothing pulls at the heart strings like a smooth sax rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Get everyone feeling the feels during your wedding ceremony with this…

It’s so easy to book a sax player like Dom Pusey right now! Just get browsing…

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What are some wedding reception songs for saxophone?

Fly Me To The Moon

A Sinatra classic to get everyone running to the dance floor. This tune is guaranteed to get your wedding party really feeling like a party!

This classy jazz trio featuring Encore’s very own Sam Craig will add that special classy touch you’ve been looking for…

There Will Never Be Another You

Looking for some schmoozy vibes to get your wedding reception feeling romantic? This classic jazzy tune will go down an absolute treat with all generations.

Check out Encore’s Harry Brunt, a sax player with some serious sax solos ready to let rip…

What are some wedding dance songs for saxophone?


If you want a classic love song to get your Granny cheering and your nephew boogying, this Nat King Cole classic is an absolute crowd favourite!

A bit of saxophone played by James Burwell will get your wedding dancefloor buzzing!

Get Lucky

Nothing says wedding like a bit of Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams. This banger is one of the most popular tunes for a wedding and works brilliantly on the saxophone! Just listen to this:

If you need some pumped-up saxophone energy, Encore’s More is More will get everyone up and dancing!

DJ Mashup

If you want even more hype than just a saxophone, then check out Encore’s line up of Live DJ Mashup artists who blend epic DJing with the live wow-factor of the saxophone!

Check out Encore’s talented artists like Paul Sebastian Saliba, ready to play at your wedding now…

How much do saxophonists cost?

We have thousands of talented musicians who can tailor their services to suit your needs for a variety of prices. The cost of a saxophonist for your wedding day can cost between £200-£500 depending on how much you want them to play.

  • Budget: £200
  • Average: £250
  • High-end: £500+

Our wedding saxophonists are all highly professional and are always willing to work with you to make your wedding dreams a reality. So start browsing now…

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And if you haven’t sorted out the rest of your wedding playlist, then we can help you again! Our network of professional musicians covers all styles of music, from jazz bands to acoustic duos, to string quartets, to acapella groups. We’ve got it all! So let your ideas run wild…


Matt Venvell

Matt is a recent Music Graduate of Oxford University. He now splits his time between being a freelance drummer/percussionist and a content writer. In between these, Matt loves to learn about how the world works, enjoys the outdoors, and is always looking for more music recommendations.

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