Swing & Jive Bands available to hire in Moray

Find the perfect live swing band in Moray for your wedding, party or corporate event. Whether you want to jive the night away, or lindy hop into the early hours, our professional bands will definitely keep your guests on their feet. Browse our selection of over 7 swing bands right here. All are available in Moray.

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All the bands below are available to travel to Moray
Hire Romacaleo
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£350 - £2000
Swing & jive bandGlasgow

Close your eyes & you might think you are in a 1930's Parisian bar... a barmitzva... or a ceilidh?

Hire Studio
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£1 - £2050
Swing & jive bandGlasgow

Wedding band with virtuoso sax player based in Glasgow. 600+ weddings under their belts! Flexible, professional and unforgettable.

Hire Marianne McGregor duo / trio / full band
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£350 - £700
Swing & jive bandGlasgow

'Best Vocalist' - Scottish Jazz Awards 2021 - with superb accompanist / trio or full band.

Hire Rosa Belles Post Modern Vocal Trio
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£800 - £1250
Swing & jive bandAlloa

The Rosa Belles Vocal Trio are a glamorous postmodern vocal trio with an elite harmonising sound. Guaranteed to wow your guests!

Hire Dave Swings Duo/Trio/Quartet
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Swing & jive bandEdinburgh

Bring the cool with this swingin' jazz trio as they set the scene for that smoky speakeasy vibe. Perfect for any occasion!

Hire The Stone Combo
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£400 - £1100
Swing & jive bandGlasgow

A swing/jazz three-piece based in Glasgow but playing all over Scotland. Let us bring fun-filled jazz and swing favourites to your event!

Hire La Dolce Vita Swing Collective
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Swing & jive bandScotland, UK

They promise to keep your toes a tappin' and your hearts a dancin' as they bring the sound of Rat Pack & Friends to life with a swing!!

Hiring a Swing & Jive Band in Moray

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Popular genres:
Jazz, Pop, Rock
Average response time:
1 hour
Busiest times:
June, July, August

How much does it cost to hire a Swing & Jive Band in Moray?

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Frequently asked questions

What is a swing band?

A swing band is a musical ensemble specialising in swing music, a genre popularised during the 1930s and 1940s. It typically comprises brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones, and saxophones, accompanied by a rhythm section including piano, bass, drums, and guitar. Swing music is characterised by its upbeat tempo, syncopated rhythms, and a lively "swing feel" that encourages dancing. Big band leaders like Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington were instrumental in its popularity. Today, swing bands often feature vocalists and continue to perform at corporate events, drinks receptions, and clubs, preserving the energetic and nostalgic spirit of the Swing Era.

What's the difference between jazz and swing?

Jazz and swing are closely related musical genres, but they have distinct differences in terms of style, era, and influence. Jazz: Jazz is a broad musical genre that originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, primarily in African American communities in New Orleans, United States. Jazz encompasses a wide range of styles, including Dixieland, bebop, cool jazz, and fusion, among others. It emphasises improvisation, complex chord progressions, and varying rhythms. Jazz musicians often explore experimental and avant-garde techniques. Jazz can be slow and soulful or fast and energetic, and it allows for a high degree of individual expression and creativity. Swing: Swing is a subgenre of jazz that became popular during the 1930s and 1940s, particularly in the Big Band Era. Swing music is characterised by its lively and infectious rhythm, often referred to as the "swing feel." It features a strong emphasis on the offbeat or upbeat rhythms and typically includes a brass section, woodwind instruments, and a rhythm section. Swing music is highly danceable and is known for its catchy melodies and arrangements. While swing is a style within the larger jazz genre, it specifically refers to the music that was popularised during the Swing Era. In summary, swing is a specific style of jazz known for its energetic rhythm and danceability, while jazz is a broader musical genre encompassing various styles, including swing, with an emphasis on improvisation and creativity.

What does a swing band consist of?

A swing band, also known as a big band, typically consists of a group of musicians playing instruments that contribute to the characteristic lively and rhythmic sound of swing music. Here's what a swing band commonly includes: 1. Brass Section: - Trumpets: Usually multiple trumpets provide the bright and bold melodies. - Trombones: Trombones add depth and richness to the brass section. - Saxophones: Alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones provide the harmonies and often play the famous saxophone solos in swing music. 2. Rhythm Section: - Piano: The pianist provides harmonies, chords, and sometimes solos. - Double Bass (or Electric Bass): The bassist plays the low-end rhythm, anchoring the band. - Drums: Drummers maintain the swing feel with their rhythmic patterns, including the distinctive ride cymbal pattern. - Guitar: The guitarist plays rhythm guitar, providing additional harmonies and accents. In some bands, a guitarist might also play solos. 3. Vocalists: - Some swing bands features vocalists who sing the lyrics, adding another layer to the performance. 4. Occasional Instruments: - Clarinet: Clarinets are sometimes used in addition to saxophones, especially in earlier swing bands. - Flute: Flutes might be used in specific arrangements to add a different texture to the music. - Additional Percussion: Some swing bands incorporate additional percussion instruments for specific songs or effects. The combination of these instruments creates the dynamic and energetic sound that defines swing music. Swing bands are known for their versatility, allowing for various instrumental combinations and arrangements to suit different songs and styles within the swing genre.

What is gypsy swing music?

Gypsy swing, or Gypsy jazz, is a style that emerged in 1930s France, blending Romani music with American jazz and swing. It's characterised by fast, virtuosic acoustic guitar and violin performances, driven by a rhythmic "pompe" technique. Improvisation plays a significant role, and musicians often use unique Manouche guitars. Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France popularised the genre. Gypsy swing remains vibrant, with musicians worldwide honouring its lively, improvisational spirit, making it a cherished subgenre in the jazz world.

What music does a swing band play?

A swing band typically plays swing music, a genre that became popular during the 1930s and 1940s, particularly in the United States during the Big Band Era. Swing music is characterized by its lively and infectious rhythm, often referred to as the "swing feel." Swing bands play a variety of tunes, including: 1. Swing Standards: Timeless classics such as "In the Mood," "Take the 'A' Train," and "Sing, Sing, Sing" are common in swing band repertoires. 2. Big Band Jazz: Swing bands perform famous compositions by renowned bandleaders like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Glenn Miller. 3. Dance Tunes: Swing music is highly danceable, and swing bands play tunes like the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Charleston, encouraging dancers to showcase their skills. 4. Vocal Jazz: Swing bands often feature vocalists who sing jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, adding a vocal element to their performances. 5. Latin and Blues Influences: Swing bands may incorporate Latin rhythms and bluesy tunes into their repertoire, showcasing the diversity of the swing genre. 6. Original Compositions: Many contemporary swing bands compose and perform their own original swing music, adding a modern touch to the traditional style. Overall, swing bands play a wide range of music that embodies the lively, rhythmic, and upbeat spirit of the swing era, delighting audiences with both instrumental virtuosity and vocal prowess.

Are swing bands good for weddings?

Swing bands are an excellent choice of wedding entertainment due to their danceable tunes, timeless appeal, and versatility. The infectious rhythm of swing music encourages guests of all ages to hit the dance floor, providing a lively atmosphere for the celebration. Classic swing tunes, with their nostalgic charm, add an elegant and vintage touch to the wedding. Swing bands also often cater to diverse musical preferences, offering a mix of romantic ballads and high-energy tunes, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone. You can look through Encore's curated collection of swing bands for weddings or talk to one of our experts to get more tailored advice.

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