String Quartets for hire in Swansea

Hire a string quartet in Swansea for your wedding, party or event. Whether performing classical pieces or renditions of your favourite pop songs, our string quartets are the perfect sophisticated addition to any event. Made up of the best classically trained musicians in the country, you can browse 3 of the most professional musicians near you right here.

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Hiring a string quartet

Useful information

Popular genres:
Classical, Pop, Jazz
Average response time:
4 hours
Busiest times:
July, August, September

How much does it cost to hire a string quartet?

The typical price per group member for string quartets is:

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular songs for a string quartet?

Classical: The Four Seasons – Antonio Vivaldi Air from Suite in D – Johannes Bach Pop: Paradise – Coldplay Amazing – Bruno Mars Jazz: Summertime – George Gershwin My Funny Valentine – Richard Rodgers

What sort of music will a string quartet play?

String quartets are usually professional ensembles comprised of experienced classical musicians. You can bet they'll know Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven like the back of their hand. Having said that, many string quartets are well-versed in playing covers of pop music, or even jazz. When looking to hire a string quartet, make sure you check their song list - you might be surprised at what you see! If you have a special request, they should be able to arrange it for you too.

I want a string quartet to perform at my wedding/event: which parts of the wedding/event should they play?

In most instances, the string quartet will perform during the following parts of a wedding ceremony: seating of the guests, entrance of the bride, signing of the registry, and the walk-out. They will often play at the drinks reception too. For other events, such as corporate events or birthday parties, a string quartet is the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail/canapes hour, providing a beautiful ambience for the guests as they arrive.

A string quartet is slightly out of my budget - what should I do?

Not to worry! If you still want that magic string quartet sound on a budget, you could hire a string trio. Although slightly quieter, a string trio provide a nicely balanced, smooth sound, and will come at a smaller cost when compared to a quartet. You can find more information about alternatives to a string quartet here: Duo, Trio, or Quartet? - A Beginner’s Guide to String Ensembles

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