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Top 10 Background Music Ideas for a Wedding Breakfast


We all know that music sets the mood at any event. And even more so at a wedding breakfast, where the mix between music and conversation is key. So, we’ve put together our top 10 background music ideas for a wedding breakfast to give you a good head start!

Ideally, good wedding breakfast music stays in the background, but is still enjoyable for all your friends and family. That said, making the right decision for the type of ensemble or instrument you want can be hard! Below, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to choose an amazing live music act for your big day.

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Jazz trio

When it comes to classy, enjoyable background music, you can’t go past a jazz trio. They are fully self-contained and will play anything from cool jazz to music from the rat pack era. A jazz trio is usually made up of a pianist, double bassist, and saxophonist (or perhaps a trumpeter). Performance-wise, they will make sure all your guests are completely entertained, and keep the mood light and fun.

If your wedding breakfast is set to be a bit larger than most, you could also opt for a jazz quartet. They sound a little fuller than a jazz trio, but will take up a bit more room!

Acoustic duo

Acoustic duos tend to be a favourite at wedding breakfasts, wedding ceremonies, and even wedding receptions. No doubt because they will include all your favourite songs, bring a chilled vibe, and entertain everyone within earshot. Acoustic duos can play anything from pop to jazz to soul, and everything in between. What makes acoustic duos so entrancing is actually the way they reimagine classics—if you’ve never heard a stripped down version of September by Earth, Wind & Fire before, you’re in for a treat!

Two Tone Acoustic Duo—the perfect accompaniment to a wedding breakfast!


Singers are often the natural choice when it comes to hiring a live musician, and it’s easy to see why. When you find the right singer, they really do have the ability to blow everyone away! Singers usually specialise in a few specific styles, so you’ll have your pick when it comes time to choose. Singers are a great idea for background music for a wedding breakfast. They’ll put together the perfect playlist of music to add to the atmosphere for all your guests.

String quartet

Soothing, relaxing music is so often the name of the game at a wedding breakfast. After all, eating food shouldn’t be stressful! A string quartet is the consummate ensemble for a wedding breakfast. Refined and pleasing to the ear, they will make sure all your background musical needs are catered for.

However, if a string quartet is a bit too large for your space, you could always consider a trio, or even a duo! They’ll be a little softer, but will bring just as much charm as a full quartet.


A typical wedding breakfast playlist is probably best summed up by the repertoire of a harpist. They’ll include all the most loved of wedding songs in their performance, including such classics as Ave Maria, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, and Pachelbel’s Canon. Harps are also the perfect volume for a wedding breakfast: conversationalists need not be worried about being drowned out!

A beautiful setting, made even better with a harp performance by Encore harpist, Oona Linnett


In the course of your wedding planning, you’ve no doubt come across venues that have a grand piano in the dining room. And, if you’ve gone ahead and booked said dining room for your wedding breakfast, now’s the time to consider booking a pianist. It would be a shame to let that beautiful piano go to waste! Pianists can play just about anything you like, and fit perfectly into the atmosphere of a wedding breakfast. Just tell them the kind of music you’d like them to play, and they’ll be happy to oblige.

Strolling band

So, you’re not interested in background music? And you’re not interested in a headline act taking all the attention of your guests? A strolling band might be just the thing you need then. They have all the chutzpah of a headline act, while being inconspicuous enough to fit the role of background music. They will go around the venue and entertain your guests while they eat and chat, making people laugh and sing along. If you want them to soundtrack the cutting of the wedding cake too, all the better!


Guitarists are one of the more versatile and varied instruments on this list. They can play unplugged, or with an amplifier. They can play electric guitar, or acoustic guitar (or both!). And finally, they can cover just about any style you can think of. For background music for a wedding breakfast though, you’ll probably either want a jazz guitarist, or a classical guitarist. 

Musicians can often play for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding breakfast! Here, Miguel Mendes sets the mood on guitar


If you’re a fan of the romantic street performances of France or Italy, an accordionist is the musician you should look at for your wedding breakfast. They can walk about and play, or stay in one spot. They can play classical music, folk music, or even pop. Unique and stylish, booking an accordionist will add a dazzling sound to any wedding breakfast.


DJs seems to always end up on our lists for music for a wedding. Probably because they fit in so well for any occasion where music is needed. They have essentially an unlimited playlist of music, and can play at any volume required. Most DJs will also be able to provide a full PA and lighting, so you don’t even need to worry about it.


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