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Roaming Bands available to hire in County Derry

Hire a roaming band in County Derry for your event today. 13 of the most professional acts to choose from. All are available in County Derry.

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All the bands below are available to travel to County Derry
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£800 - £2400
Roaming bandWigan

We take great songs and give them a makeover. We can perform indoors or outdoors to wherever your guests may be !

Hire Oompah Stompers
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£1875 - £2400
Roaming bandDenbigh

The ultimate Bavarian Party Band, Oompah is 365 not just Oktoberfest. Gigs big and small, always fun, always professional.

Hire The Acoustics
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£200 - £1200
Roaming bandLiverpool

Upbeat piano and guitar duet available for private parties, weddings and corporate events

Hire Brassienda
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Encore Approved
£3750 - £4375
Roaming bandLytham Saint Annes

The Ultimate Party Anthem Supergroup. Give your guests greatness. International dance floor-fillers. Good times guaranteed.

Hire Rosa Belles Post Modern Vocal Trio
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£800 - £1250
Roaming bandAlloa

The Rosa Belles Vocal Trio are a glamorous postmodern vocal trio with an elite harmonising sound. Guaranteed to wow your guests!

Hire The Brass Rats
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£1000 - £1625
Roaming bandEdinburgh

The party band Brass Rats sets the tone with hits from Bon Jovi to David Guetta. Elevate your event with exceptional musical vibes!

Hire The Roving Pleasures
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£400 - £1100
Roaming bandLeeds

Acoustic and Folk Duo - Top up and coming Folk Band in Leeds Over 10 years of performing together! Guaranteed to amaze your guests!

Hire Wavelength
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£1250 - £2000
Roaming bandNewcastle upon Tyne

A dynamic and versatile three piece band performing anything from timeless classics to contemporary pop hits.

Hire Destination: Dancefloor
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Roaming bandManchester

Unstoppable fun from Manchester’s most lively function band!

Hire Celtic Horizon band
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£1500 - £2250
Roaming bandScotland, UK

Celtic Horizon band performed for many years in the UK and Europe and specialise in Corporate events, Theatres, Festivals, Weddings, etc.

Hire CB+
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£375 - £2875
Roaming bandLeeds

We’re a upbeat function band, with varied lineup options from a duo up to a 12 peice, playing pop, rock, indie, funk and country classics!

Hire The Directors
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£500 - £1000
Roaming bandWallasey

Playing rock, pop and funk from the 60's to the present! "great band, brilliant choice of music, definitely worth a watch!"

Hiring a Roaming Band in County Derry

Useful information

Popular genres:
Pop, Folk, Rock
Average response time:
3 hours
Busiest times:
May, June, July

How much does it cost to hire a Roaming Band in County Derry?

The typical price per group member for Roaming Bands is:

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Frequently asked questions

What is a roaming band?

Roaming bands, sometimes called wandering bands, are groups of musicians who move from area to area and mingle with your guests, putting on mini-performances for different groups every time, creating something fresh every time.

Are they happy to dance & interact with the audience?

Roaming bands are generally happy to interact with their audience, and some of them actively encourage dancing. This is because they are often playing in informal settings where there is a more relaxed atmosphere than in a traditional concert hall. Additionally, roaming bands often play music that is designed to get people up and moving, so they want to create an environment where people feel comfortable dancing. Of course, not all roaming bands are the same, and some of them may be less comfortable with interacting with the audience. However, the general trend is that roaming bands are happy to engage with their fans in a more personal way than bands that play in traditional concert settings. Overall, roaming bands are a great way to experience live music in a new and exciting way. Their willingness to interact with their audience makes for a more personal and memorable experience, and it's a good opportunity to discover new music and have some fun.

Do roaming bands take requests?

Yes! If it's on their song list, they can incorporate it into their performance for you. If you have a request that isn't already on their song list, it may take the band a little longer to arrange the section for their instruments than it would for a typical cover band. This is due to the fact that they will frequently need to tweak the parts pretty significantly to suit their unique style of music, which requires a little more preparation. As a result, it is common for bands to charge a small fee to add new songs to their repertoire.

Can a roaming band play outside?

This is a roaming band’s bread and butter! While you should always give the band up front notice that your event is outdoors, and they will need to perform outside, they will likely be expecting this already. So long as there is cover nearby—especially in summer for the sun, and in winter from the cold, and always from the rain—getting the band to play outside will be totally fine. The band won’t need a power supply, so this makes the logistics of them playing outdoors super simple!

What equipment do I need to provide for a roaming band?

For a roaming band, very little. The main thing is that the venue where they will be walking around should be safe and dry. Musicians with wet or broken instruments will not be happy musicians at all! Refreshments and food is always appreciated, especially if you’ve booked the band for an extended period.

How much space does a roaming band need?

The beauty of a roaming band is that the amount of space they need is definitely not fixed! Because they have the ability to roam around your venue easily, all that needs to be kept in mind is making sure there is enough space for them to manoeuvre around amongst the guests, and ensuring there are no tripping hazards (loose wires, etc.).

How long does a roaming band need to set up?

Unlike most ensembles, roaming bands tend not to have too much equipment to set up, other than their instruments. You can also take out the time needed for a sound check—as soon as their instruments are tuned, the music will be ready to be heard! Given this, around 15 minutes will usually be enough time for the band to get set up and prepared to play. Pack up is just as fast too!

How long can a roaming band play for?

Performance lengths vary for roaming bands, and it really depends on the type of event you have booked them for. For instance, while the usual length of most performances is 2 hours, some performances might be considerably shorter, for a wedding procession, or a New Orleans street band flash performance, for instance. Unless the performance is shorter than 30 minutes, a roaming band’s performance will be split up into sets lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour. After each set, the band will take a short break to re-tune, have a bit of water for the old vocal chords, and then get back into it! Our roaming bands are happy to play their sets in a row (with a 15-minute break in between each set), or spread throughout the day (over the course of several hours). Make sure to let them know when filling out the enquiry form, or in your message to them, as it will likely affect their price.

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