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Tatcho Drom stage a vibrant show packed full of beautiful melodies and dancing rhythms from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
Balkan band
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Tatcho Drom are considered one of the UK’s leading exponents of Balkan Folk music. Their broad repertoire includes traditional music from across Eastern Europe and the Balkans as well as band leader's Gundula Gruen’s own original compositions. Inspired by Gundula’s extensive field research, her creations are consistent in providing an authentic sound. With Tatcho Drom, you can expect a vibrant show packed full with beautiful melodies and dancing rhythms from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. I believe this act would be a perfect fit for the Denholm Folk Festival, as it merges the core elements that people love about folk with something new and different. Gundula Gruen, the band's leader, is also available to run interactive workshops. These can cover anything from singing, percussion, music, and even dance! Suitable for any age, these are a really fun addition to any festival and a sure fire way to get people involved.

Tatcho Drom
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Tatcho Drom's Reviews

From customers:

Nina P
2 years ago, for a Birthday party in Kent
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5 out of 5

‘Dear Gundula, thank you VERY much for making my birthday party such a success, everyone enjoyed your performance and you certainly put the guest into a very happy mood.’ Love, Nina

James B
5 years ago, for a Concert in Northampton Square
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5 out of 5

‘Dear Gundula, Congratulations on tonight’s marvellous performance. You and your fellow musicians did a tremendous job in conveying the excitement of your arrangements of Gypsy and other traditional music from many nations and territories. No wonder the audience went wild! Your voice and violin are perfectly suited to this material. Tatcho Drom has put so much work into achieving a 90-minute non-stop performance like this. The auditorium is lovely and to us the acoustics sounded just right, and we hope you felt the sound system worked for you.’

Read all 9 reviews
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Tatcho Drom's Song list

Tatcho Drom Function Repertoire
Balkan Party Dance Music
1. Abre Babi So Kergjan (Macedonian)
2. Ajde Jano
3. Ako Umram il Zaginam (Macedonian)
4. Amarisi Amari (Hungarian)
5. Ando Drom Cardas (Hungarian)
6. Ararara (Indian Romany)
7. Aven Nashas Tusha (Russian)
8. Bo Ca Ce Zo (Serbian)
9. Bubamara (Balkan)
10. Caj Sukarije (Balkan)
11. Dada Sali Cocek (Macedonia)
12. Danu Danay – Shatrica (Russian)
13. Deep Sorrow Waltz (Russian)
14. Dorogoy Dlinnoyu (Russian)
15. Dui Dui Deshostar (Russian)
16. Fuli Tschai (Sinti Romany)
17. Gama (Hungarian)
18. Halljatok Czardas (Hungarian)
19. Heissa Trojka Waltz (Russian)
20. Hora Chadera (Israel)
21. Hungarian Gypsy Waltz
22. Jarnana (Albanian)
23. Jovano (Macedonian/Balkan))
24. Kalotaszeg Csardas (Transylvania)
25. Kalotaszeg Sapora (Transylvania)
26. Kan Meraul La (Romanian/Balkan)
27. Kibori (Romanian/Balkan)
28. Kikko (Russian)
29. Korobuchka (Russian)
30. Kukja Imam na Pelister (Macedonia)
31. Kustino Oro (Balkan)
32. Lolli Phabay (Russian)
33. Maminka (Russian)
34. Me Hum Mato (Sinti-Romany)
35. Mesecina (Balkan)
36. Mesk Havasi (Turkish)
37. Misirloo (Greek)
38. Moja Mala Nema Mane (Croatia)
39. Muro Shavo (Hungarian)
40. Nane Cocha (Russian Romany)
41. O Nate Fushe (Albanian)
42. Ochi Chornye (Russian)
43. Odessa Bulgar (Klezmer)
44. Opa Cupa (Balkan)
45. Petyorshka (Russian)
46. Pushta Medley (Hungarian)
47. Romanian Dance
48. Romano Horo (Macedonian/Balkan)
49. Telema (Russian)
50. Tre Yakhal si Kale (Balkan)
51. Tu Jeshty Fata (Romania)
52. Tutti Frutti (Romanian/Balkan)
53. Underground Cocek (Balkan)
54. Ushti Ushti Baba (Balkan)
55. Veggy Bulgar (Klezmer
56. Vrajnancky Coceck (Serbia)
57. Zsal O Zavo (Hungarian)
Listening/soft dance pieces
1. Amalo (Hungarian)
2. Beshli I Chaje (Macedonian)
3. Csak Egy Kislán Van a Világon (Hungarian)
4. Djelem Djelem (Balkan)
5. Ederlezi – Djudjevdan (Serbia/Macedonia)
6. Elamoro (Macedonian)
7. Hungarian Romance
8. Jai Souvent Pleure (Hungarian)
9. Kermenska Rachenica (Romanian)
10. La Rosa Enflorece (Shephardic)
11. Ljiljana Mome (Bulgarian)
12. Makedonsko Devoice (Macedonian)
13. More Sokol Pie (Macedonian)
14. Nane Love (Czech Romany)
15. Ne Kuni Me Majko (Serbian)
16. Oketano Nano (Macedonian)
17. So Maki Sum Se Rodila (Macedonian)
18. Solnyshko (Russian)
19. Tu Djaial (Sinti-Romany)
20. Üsküdara Gider Iken (Turkey)
21. Ze Dode (Romanian)
22. Zigano (Sinti-Romany)
Virtuoso Performance Pieces:
1. Cyganochka (Russian)
2. Monti Czardas
3. Dve Gitary (Russian)
4. Hora Matishore (Romanian)
5. Šišić Kolo (Serbian)
Folk Dance pieces
1. Alunelul (Romanian)
2. Ambee Dageetz (Armenian)
3. Arestelle Isabelle (Romanian)
4. Bizerba (Serbian)
5. Čačak (Serbian)
6. Daicovo Horo (Bulgarian)
7. Devoiko Devoiko (Bulgarian)
8. Djunjuritsa (Bulgarian)
9. Doide Si Panvo Nashata (Bulgarian)
10. Gankino (Bulgarian)
11. Geamparale (Romania)
12. Hora de la Risipiti (Romania)
13. Hora from Oltenia (Romanian)
14. Hora Moldovenesca (Romania)
15. Hora Nunzi (Romanian)
16. Ja Brdom – Ersko Kolo (Serbia)
17. Misino Horo (Bulgarian)
18. Pajdushko (Macedonian)
19. Šetnja (Serbian)
20. Vardar Ovasi (Turkish)
21. Ya da kalinushku lomala (Russian)
Russian Repertoire:
1. Aven Nashas Tusha
2. Beliym Chegom
3. Danu Danay
4. Dorogoy Dlinnoyu
5. Dui Dui Desho Dui
6. Dve Gitare
7. Ivushko vi Ivushki
8. Ja za to ljublju Ivana
9. Kalinka
10. Kalitka
11. Katjushka
12. Korobuchka
13. Lolli Phabay (hop hop hop)– Kikko
14. Mamenka
15. Mohnatyi Shmelj
16. Nane Cocha, Nane Gad
17. Ochi Chornye
18. Oj blinyi, moi blinyi
19. Osennjaja rosa
20. Petyorshka
21. Podmoskovnye Vechera
22. Sergey Sergeyitch
23. Smuglianka
24. Solnyshko (Ljuba)
25. Telema
26. V lunnom sijanii
27. Ya da kalinushku lomala
28. Zvezdochka
29. Cossack’s Farwell
30. Deep Sorrow Waltz
31. Cyganochka
32. Heissa Trojka
33. Monti Czardas
34. Riabinushka

Tatcho Drom's Prices

Note: prices may vary based on travel distance. For an exact quote, click “Check availability”.

Standard Prices
Performance durationPrice
Up to 1 hour£900
Up to 2 hours£1100
Up to 3 hours£1300
Customer questions

Do you have different line-up options?

Our 5-people line up is Violin/vocals, accordion, guitar, cello and percussion. We also could provide a dancer. All small line-ups will always include violin vocals, the rest of the instruments will be discussed and chosen for the type of event, if more listening or more dancing, how big the place, how many guests, and which style will be primarily featured

What if my timings change after I've booked you?

Get in touch as early as you can. Best is, to give notice at the time of discussion, so we can keep a small amount of flexibility. Most of the time, a change of an hour is no problem, and if the sets within the evening should change length and time, this is no issue either. Communication is the key, and we do what we can to make your event the best it can be

Can you provide an iPod/DJ service before and between your sets?

We can provide backing tracks. Our own music we can play for free in-beween our live sets. Your music can also be plugged in and played for no extra costs. Customised play lists will have an extra fee, please get in touch to discuss.

How much time do you need to set up?

usually 90 minutes, but if timings are tight, we can do it in 60 minutes also.

Can you roam around while you perform?

The violinist/singer regularly roams when performing, and the occasion seems suitable. The remaining band only can roam when playing acoustically, the cello can not roam...

Can I pick the songs you play from the set list?

yes, special requests are always possible from our set lists. if you have a favourite song or piece, and you tell us in advance, there is a good chance we can perform it for you.

Is all of the equipment (e.g. PA & lighting) included in your quote?


Can you learn song requests before the event?

with enough notice we can learn your favourite songs. If the request is easy, we do it for free, if it is complex and long, we may charge for this service.
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