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About DJ RaveRatt

The rodent of raving! Produced over 300 techno, house, trance and Hip-Hop tunes and have played mainstream at many parties and events!

I was born 1987 in Redhill Surrey UK and grew up in Caterham. Am now currently living in Redhill. I have been into DJing and producing since listening to EDM music a lot during my teenage years. When listening to the music during my years at secondary school I developed a strong liking for the sound and eventually decided that I wanted to create music of my own. In addition I decided to I wanted to do DJing as well. I started creating my own music at home at the age of nineteen while at college. Since then I have produced over 300 techno, trance, house and hip-hop tunes over the years. To create my tunes I made use of music making software combining diverse soundbites into the rich variety of musical tracks that I have composed. The first tunes that I produced were of the house and trance genres, later I began producing harder techno tunes. Later on still I began to produce a number of Hip-Hop tunes as well. When creating the tunes I divided them between different albums that I gave colourful names to like 'Rattack' and 'Rat-Hop', often relating to the genre of the music that featured on the individual album. I am highly skilled with vinyl decks, cd decks and digital software decks and was trained to use vinyl decks by a professional DJ while at university. I did a lot of DJing while at university and learned many skills over the years such as what is appropriate for the occasion. Although I learned how to use vinyl decks, generally while DJing at university I used the CD decks and computer systems within the DJ booths. Since finishing university I have generally turned towards DJing at events rather than producing music, although I still hand out my own music to people every now and then. I have DJed at many house parties, work events, and social clubs. I play music from many genres and decades and have done many seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween. Usually when DJing I make use of a laptop and speakers for convenience although I have used vinyl decks and CD decks on occasion. Generally when DJing I play general party tunes in order to get people up and dancing and I always do a great job at it. I have on occasion played my own tunes which are always welcomed by the audience whenever I play them. I have made much use of public transport over the years and am quite able to get to events where I am expected. I have DJed around Surrey and in London and have even DJed in Aberdeen. I have a high regard as a DJ and am looking for more opportunities to perform at.

EDM, House, Techno, Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Avant garde, Hip Hop, 1990s era music, 1980s era music, Deep house, Ibiza club
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Event types:
Bar / Club / Venue event, Private event, Christmas party, New Year's Eve, Corporate event, Wedding, Charity event, Birthday party, Hotel / Restaurant event, Concert, Cruise
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Other skills:
Composer, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Audio engineer, MC, Fluent sight-reader, Musicologist
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Song list

Solar Rapper
Go Go guys and gals
Pump it Clubber
Todas Ariba
Trance Hoppers
We take you harder
The Rattus Song
You and me together
Love of my Life
Dance of the Middle East
The UFO Theme
In the Endless Space
Rave Warrior
Extraterrestrial Life
Heather's Song
Distorted Technology
Pulsations of Light
Goan Spirit
Circuit Loop
Electronic Burnout
Jumping Pitch
Oil Pipeline
Rave of Time
Sequence Dancer
Aircraft Hangar
Industrial Trancer
Rave of Peace
Red Alert
Frantic Mayhem
Typhoon Trance
Galactic Pulsations
Rap of the Heavens
Tropical Dancer
Rolling Rat
Rave Warrior pt 2
Haunted Switch
Pulse of Alaska
Hard Knockers
Nuclear Sub
Lunar Raver
Supersonic Pulsator
Tekno Rover
Technological Dancer
Waves of Trance
Jungle Trancer
Dance Mastermind
Latin Life
Cyborg Hip-Hop
Rappers Tribute
The Mosquito's Return
Alien Party
Rave of Asia
Spaceship Trancer
Oil Spill
Cyber Mayhem
Formula 1
Northern Stars
Electronic Highway
Twisted Electronics
Caged Groovin
Scratching Closer
Late Contact
Easy Scratch
Rap of the Night
I know ur waiting!
Hypnotise my Move
Freakin Changes
Evening Rapper
Never Loopy
Night Cavern
Metallic Stepz
Milkshake Man
Wicked Hypnosis
Poisoned Hearts
Steel Knockers
Mean Groovin
Maxim Chick
Scream Here
Rappers Shake
Trance of the Inka
Sonic Rapper
Manga Hemisphere
Fire Raver
Dino Dancer
Hyper Emotions
Deep Freeze
Hypnotic Train
Sound of the Malestrom
Ravers Endless Time
Distorted Drums
Temple Guitars
Latino Ritmo
Doom Acid
Guitars are Closer
Hyper Party
Mission Spaceblade
UFO Rapper
Lunar Pumper
Atmosphere Ghosts
Starship Rave
Cosmic Needles
Trance of the Abyss
Bingo Drones
Massive Flow
F!%&ing Freakin
Dirty Tumbler
Carlos' Love
Method of the Heart
West Method
Double Loopa
Speared Starz
Uh Lady!
Smiling Hos
Reggae Heart
South Side
Man 100 cent
Straight Flute
Latin Piper
Wicked Force
Screwed Trance
Tow Copter
XXX Warp
Dirty Guitar Experiment
Rain Rider
Cloud Warp
Rainy Pumper
Abysmal Trancer
Extraterrestrial Disco
Oil Ghost
Trance of the Church
Beam Sail
Mystery Sizzler
Star Scratcha
Late May
Cage Face
Dub Player
Zoom Bazz
Hype Riff
Sulphuric Rapper
Tube Runner
Buzzing Dream
Dizzy Bongo Tank
Amber Sphere
Wave Drifter
Raw Drone
Noize Clock
Jungle Whistle
Temple Rapper
Pumpin Sub
Nerve Rapsta
Shaky Flip
Rainbow Heat
Solar City Park
Acid Cavern
Cyber Shark
French Energy
Dream Cliffs
Wave Shine
Drifting Octopus
Shogun's Trance
Bad Wheels
Major Sub
Bleaching Fun
Love Sweep
Dark Cosmos
Angel Whispers
Acid Slice
Chic Tube
Blue Lava
Love Wave
Oceanic Love
Counter Boa
Psychic Landing
Tainted Party
Crazy Snake
Rap of the Omen
Fog Wave
Storm of Steel
Thrill Tunnel
Time Glide
Time Drift
Space Curry
Tricky Heart
Unreal Hitch
Dream Drift
Rail Drift
Grid Lord
Tornado Angels
Crystal Experiment
Grandmother's Hymn
Angel Rain
Speed Train
Rage Machine
Energy Storm
Energy Hangar
Freedom Forever
Freedom Sphere
Sharp Flight
Spirit Orient
Temple of Death
Lonely Cosmos
Demon's Bite
Ancient Babylon
Underwater Rising
Sunshine Angel
Creeping Cave
Chaotic Sphere
Rave Cristal
Storm of Revenge
Electric Mind
Electric Lighter
Festive Chimes
Festive Spice
Highlands of Earth
Mountain Pipes
Dream Rider
Hedonistic Love
Beach Crossing
Memory Signal
Metropolis Storm
African Wildlife
Rainforest Creatures
Peace of the Angels
Bad Santa's Clubland
Warm Winter Rave
Halloween Disaster
Shining Voices in my Head
1 Beat 2 Key
4 Bouncy Notes
Adrenaline Steel
Angelic Peace
Atomic Speed
Beach Blaster
Blue Icicle
Chaos Alert
Creeping Death
Dance of Ancients
Demon Void
Fast Hour!
Final End of the Road
Heatwave Hyper
Hedonism is 4 luv
Homesickness Rising
Hunted in the Storm
Journey to Heaven
Lonely Caverns
Memory Blast
Metropolis Crossing
Metallic Shocking Scream
My First Memory
Pipes of the Mountain
Planet of Caves
Probe to Planet Mars
Rage Alert
Rainforest Birds
Rave Killa
Red Revenge
Rhythms of Earth
Rising Dreams
Science Fiction Xtreme!
Sharp Flying
Spirit Caverns
The Final Brainstorm
The Beauty of Edinburgh
Underwater Spheres
Unlucky Fall
Waves crushing my Mind
Weekly Dreams of my Mind
Wild Lands
Young Adventurer's Jump
Psychic Bow
Sand Factory
Wooded Castle
Menace Ride
Rising Spheres
Mystic Run
Electro Suite
Mood Strike
Himalayan Funk
Shadow Lava
Temple Electrons
Dark Swamp
Heart of Orion
Desert Air
Sharp Wiper
Breezy Woods
Triangle Ace
Swirly Balance
Pink Spectre
Washed Arch
Slice Trap
Clear Dwarf
Vacuum Pipes
Navy Rain
Rear Blaster
Holy Wire
Silicon Drifter
Glide Tube
Tricky Blue
Rubber Bounce
Trendy Plaster
Beta Shot
Droid Steel
Vault Crush!
Intergalactic Signal
Lava Water
Deep East
Curry Bang!
Strict Loop
Naval Shadow
Sky Lovers
Lonely Storms
Customer questions

What do your clients love most about your performances?

I know very well from past experience what to play for the occasion and I am able to bring large numbers of people onto the dancefloor.

Which venues have you performed at in the past?

I have performed at my university nightclub a lot in the past. Since leaving university I have performed at many private events in addition to having DJed on a regular basis at a few clubs.

Which artists have you been most influenced by?

The Prodigy, Daft Punk, 808 State.

What is the most high profile gig you've performed?

My most high profile gig I performed at was the wedding reception of my cousin-in-law.

What if my timings change after I've booked you?

I always try my best to be flexible to help ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. If timings change slightly in the run up to the event just let me know.

Can you provide an iPod/DJ service before and between your sets?

Absolutely. This is a really popular request and I actually offer this service for free. If you'd like a DJ service via my PA after the final set until the venue closes, I'll provide this for an additional £100

How much time do you need to set up?

I usually set up about 1 to 1.5 hours before the performance time. As soon as my PA is set up I can provide a free playlist service to help set the atmosphere and get your guests ready for my live performance.

Can I pick the pieces you play from the set list?

My set lists are crafted from countless events and learning what works best to ensure guests dance and have an amazing time. However, I'm definitely happy to chat through and make sure I find what works for your event.

Do you bring all the equipment you need to perform?

Yes, in part. I bring my own DJ equipment to play. I do require sound systems to be provided for me.

Can you learn specific pieces before the event?

If a song isn't included in my song list there may still be a chance I already know it. If there is a special song you'd like me to play I am happy to do this for you. I will need to know in advance so I can download/upload it onto my system.


Note: prices may vary based on travel distance. For an exact quote, click “Check availability”.

Standard Prices
Performance durationPrice
Short performance (up to 15 min)£20
Up to 1 hour£30
Up to 2 hours£40
Up to 3 hours£50


From customers:

Dani O, 1 year ago

Excellent performance! Brilliant!