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Mandolin Orchestra
Granby, MA
The Springfield Mandolin Orchestra performs classical and traditional works for mandolin family instruments in Western Mass.

About Us Around the end of the 19th century, there were literally dozens of mandolin orchestras all over Massachusetts and New England. Now, one unique ensemble aims to revive that tradition. What's New? "It was so nice of folks to come all the way.  What a lovely group you work with.  And the music was just delightful.  Must be so much fun to play in the group." ~ Susan Lisk, Director; Porter-Phelps Huntington Museum, Hadley, MA Who We Are The Springfield Mandolin Orchestra is the first of its kind in over 100 years. It consists of players both student and professional from western Massachusetts and Rhode Island, most which are students of the Sweet Music Studio in Granby where rehearsals take place every Monday. Under the direction of Adam Sweet, the group ranges in age from 30 to 93 years old and study European music from the 15th through 20th Century and beyond, as well as local modern compositions by area musicians and composers. The ensemble contains a wide variety of its namesake instrument, including not only mandolins but mandolas, mandocellos and basses. They come prepared to perform a delightful set with repertoire consisting of Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical works by Byrd, Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart. Our Members The Springfield Mandolin Orchestra members include Benjamin Levy (concertmaster), Keith Higginson (chair, mandolin), Mary Jennings (mandolin), Will Melton (chair, mandola), Joanna Vaughn (chair, mandocello), Ed Maxwell Jr. (bass), Zac Autio (mandolin), Nancy Hoople (mandola) and Adam Sweet (mandolin, mandola).  We are privileged to be joined by Mando Paradiso's Joseph Blumenthal (bass), and Barbara Blumenthal (mandolin); as well as members of L'Esperance Mandolin Ensemble, especially Joshua Bell (mandocello, mandolin, conductor).  Former members include Jamison Burnside (mandolin, Cynthia Garvey (mandolin), Susan May (mandolin), and Carol Cox (mandolin).

Mandolin Orchestra
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