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About garden666oy

Independent DJ blending a mixture of underground, upbeat, lofi, ambient house/tech/dnb/garage, I've got the best vibes to keep ya groovin :)
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Public liability insurance of £10 million

My journey into raw electronic music began over 10 years ago after I passed my driving test, mixing tunes in my car with my mates and a set of decks, we would drive down to the river late at night and stand out the back of the car with the tunes blaring, taking turns to mix and MC with our DJ equipment set up on the back seat, since then music has become my passion and solidified as a part of my identity. Over the years I upgraded my decks and amassed an eclectic and unique collection of tracks from club house bangers to ambient chillers from both well known and lesser known artists from around the world, taking inspiration from the sounds of Ibiza, gritty baselines of UK drum n bass and lively garage groovers, and I have been lucky enough to share my sounds with people worldwide, performing at private and public free-parties and events in UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ibiza and Amsterdam to name a few, I also have experience of running my own music venue in my hometown. Other than mixing electronic beats I also write and produce my own tracks, sing and rap. I love putting on a good show on the decks, keeping the crowd engaged and of course enjoying myself, passing on the positive vibes to accompany the banging beats:)

garden666oy's Reviews

From customers:

Wayne H
2 years ago

An exceptional all round performance, great variation of amazing electronic sounds, garden666oy has a great ability to read the mood of the room and keep people hyped and up dancing all night! 10/10 would book again

Lee G
2 years ago

gardenboy is my favourite DJ without a doubt, the tunes are out of this world, almost experimental sci-fi vibes with some of the underground tracks while keeping it upbeat and lively with club beats and heavy bass and fast percussion, perfect! Can't wait to see you live again :)

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garden666oy's Song list

House/tech and electronic:
Anomaly - Back Home
Baltra - Fade Away
Bellaire - Paris City Jazz
Bellaire - Street Blues
Ben Buitendijk - Promised Land
Cloudface- 2N
Dauwd - Aqueous
Dauwd - Kolido
Dauwd - What's There
DJ BORING - Sunday Avenue
Domenico Rosa - Goingbackeast
Dr Deep House - Beautiful Morning
FILIPP - Banana Bread
Floating Points - ARP3
Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue
Fresh & Low - New Life
Glyn - Identity Switch 77703
Herbert - I Hadn't Known (I Only Heard)
Jesse Bru - Late Nite Jam
K - Nu - Vibe
Leon Vynehall - Butterflies (Original)
Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam
Levon Vincent - Woman is The Devil
Liem - If Only (Lehult)
Linkwood - Love Lost
Losoul - Open Door
Lovebirds - The Night (Original Mix)
Lovebirds - The Rat DEEP HOUSE
Lovebirds - Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes (Original Mix)
Mall Grab - Feel U
Mall Grab - Happiness
Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)
Matthieu Faubourg - As Far As I Know
Moloko - Sing it back (Herbert's Tasteful Dub)
Moodcut - Stuck In Socks
Moon B - Anything
Moon B - Atmosfear
Moon B - Ban Ki
Moon B - Green Sky
Moon B - Mending
Moon B - Nite High
Moon B - Oof
Moon B - Punya
Mutual Attraction - Lost tape
Nautiluss - Lonely Planet
nthng - Remember Us
Omar-S- Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!!
Orson Wells - A Connection 77705
Orson Wells - Leaving
Orson Wells - Midnight Mystique
Orson Wells - Open Light
Palms Trax - Equation
Palms Trax - Forever
Palms Trax - High Point On Low Ground
Palms Trax - In Gold
Palms Trax - Paws
Palms Trax - Sumo Acid Crew
Pender Street Steppers - Air Care
Pender Street Steppers - M Flight
Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt
Riccardo - Afternoon
Rosegold- Entro Senestre
Ross From Friends - Talk To Me You'll Understand
Route 8 - Floating Dub This Is Our Time records
Roy Of The Ravers - Emotinium
So. mind - Candy Groove
Subjoi - Love Shy
Terekke - Piano
The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam remix)
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse HD
Unknown Artist - Southside Touch
Vanderkraft - Ce Bon Vieux Jean Lassalle
Wax - No. 30003 (B)
Weast - Cocola
Be Svendsen & AYAWAKE - Scarecrow
City Soul Project - The Way We Used To Do It (Rob Small Remix)
Deep Active Sound - Back (Original Mix)
Deep Active Sound - Sleeping (Deep Spelle Remix)
Enzo Leep - Fire Girl [Bla Bla Music]
Fabio Florido - Levity (Original Mix) I Levity EP (2017)
Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)
Kuniyuki - Acid Air
Kuniyuki - Shout (12inch Version)
Modd - Ave
Modd - Salomeya
Modd - The Star Rover
Newman - Breath Of The Souls
Newman - When The Leaves Fall
Nico Stojan - Use Your Wings
Not Usual Ft. David Lake - Black Visions
ODE - A9E4FF - B
Paul Frick - Would You
Pete Grace feat. Thomas Gandey - Carried On (Original Mix)
Peter Dildo - Lucky Punch
PHCK - Desert Rose
PHCK - Elephants
Powel - Eolomea
Rebelski - Circles And Squares
Rebelski - Paper Tree
Red Axes - Der Sexa - Edit Service Special Delivery 001
Roosevelt - Sea (Young Marco Remix)
Roy Rosenfeld - Shadow Of Truth
Roy Rosenfeld - When We Were Innocent
RY X - Bad Love (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
Sebastian Busto - Alterity
Sébastien Léger - Rocket To Lee's Little Cloud
Solee - Slowly (Original Mix)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Eclosion (feat. Greg Parker) - Ilias Katelanos Remix
Viken Arman - Life
Volen Sentir - Arrival
YokoO & Retza - Euneirophrenia
YokoO & Retza - Orenda
YokoO & Retza - Tarantism
YokoO & Retza - Yügen
Alex Arnout - Realize (Tenth Circle)
Audio Werner - Ever
Be Svendsen & AYAWAKE - Scarecrow
Dance Spirit - Late Night Early Mornings (Bedouin Remix)
Dangerously Beautiful (Original Mix)
Fabio Florido - Levity (Original Mix) I Levity EP (2017)
Leighton Moody - The Calling
Not Usual Ft. David Lake - Black Visions (Original Mix)
Pete Grace feat. Thomas Gandey - Carried On (Original Mix)
Riva Starr feat. Horace Andy - Dublife (Alexkid Dub Mix) [Snatch! Records]
Roosevelt - Sea (Young Marco Remix)
Sebastian Busto - Alterity
Smalltown Collective - Help Us See - Original Mix
Anthony Rother - Leben
B8 Records - Modest Sunrise
Black Frost
Cantoma- The Call
Sea Life (Mark Barrott Dub Mix)
You Make Me Feel Good (Deep Mix)
Dennis Cruz - MAD - Original Mix
Liquid, jump up, minimal and jungle drum n bass:
Calibre - All The Days
Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestic HD
Colossus - The Road
Days Like These (Original Mix)
Even If (Original Mix)
Garden (Calibre Remix)
Nothing (Original Mix)
Rotary Motion (Calibre Remix)
S.P.Y - Perth Sunset (Full Version)
S.P.Y - You (Original Mix)
Displaced Paranormals - Abstract FULL
Minimal DNB Mix Bereneces
Minimal DNB Rollers Mix By Excess
Phentix - Babylon (Original mix) _ HD _Pitch Black EP_
Phentix - Hoax
Skeptical - Blue Eyes
Skeptical - Chain Reaction
Skeptical - Process of Elimination
Serum & Coda -Vibrations
DJ Limited - Orders
Audio - Nil By Mouth
Basshoven & The Villain - My Life Has Value
Basshoven - Fear Its Self
Bassline Terrorist - Death Rattle
Certified Sickness & Damage Report - Fires Of War
Damage Report & Squad - Keep Off The Grass
Damage Report - Bang
Damage Report-Go Bye
Damage Report-Impulse
Damage Report-Insomniacs
Damage Report-Intrest Them
Damage Report-Reptile
Damage Report-Riddum
Damage Report-Take Care Of That
Damage Report-The Realness
Damage Report-Your Mine
Decimal Bass & Nu Elementz-Orders
Dialogue-Hold Your Hats
DJ Alpha-Big Skank
DJ Guv - Find And Kill VIP
DJ Guv-36K VIP
DJ Guv-Gangsta VIP
DJ Guv-Limb By Limb
Dj Guv-Slice And Dice
DJ Kre & Basshoven-Decpticons
DJ Kre & Basshoven-Haterz (feat. Friskie)
Dj Manga-Awakened Being
Dj Manga-Dr Balcus (VIP)
DJ Manga-Lesbian Love (Shrust Remix)
DJ Manga-Mizuki
DJ MANGA-Silver Eyed Witch
Dj Manga-Silver Eyed Witch
DJ MANGA-Space Adventure
DJ Manga-Tall Man
DJ MANGA-Wicked City (Vip)
DJ Pleasure-Watch Ur Step VIP
DJ Sly feat. Bassman-Stone Cold VIP
DJ Kre-Vexed
DJ Pleasure-Popcorn
DJ Ruffstuff-Whats Up Nu Elementz Remix
Dub Berzerka-Against The Titans
Dub Berzerka-Change Your Mind
Faun Dation-Deep Spaced
Filthy Habits-Times Up
Hedex-Chit Chat
Hedex-Double Or Quits
Hedex-Maybe I Should Of
Hedex-Mental Images
Hedex-My Way
Hedex-With Only
Jayline-Peanut Butter On Toast
Klip & Outlaw - Wiggle
Klip & Outlaw Feat Fatman D-Wiggle
Konichi & Decimal Bass-Karas Jayline Remix
Konichi-Blip Street
Konichi-Chicken Fury
Konichi-Field of Vibrations
Konichi-Grande VIP
Konichi-Silent E
Konichi - Visions
Kre & Basshoven-Screw The Pigs
Kre & Basshoven-Beware Of The Skorpio
Kre & Brockout-Somethink Simple
Kre-Nasty Names Feat Basshoven
Kre-Testing You
Levela & Nu Elementz-Chameleon
Levela-Bad Man
Link, Tripsta & Dusta-Radiation
Macky Gee - Off One's Rocker
Macky Gee - Shine
Macky Gee Feat. Thunda Banton-Load it (VIP)
Macky Gee-Bounce (VIP)
Macky Gee-Bounce (VIP)
Macky Gee-Bunny Boiler (Original mix)
Macky Gee-Envious eye
Macky Gee-Evil
Macky Gee-Get Personal (Original mix)
Macky Gee-L.I.E (Original mix)
Macky Gee-Pathological (Original mix)
Macky Gee-What Would We Do (Original mix)
Macky Gee-Envious eye
Macky Gee-Wizard foot
Majistrate & Logan D-Spiderman
Natural Error-Be Careful
Natural Error-Dopest Dope
Natural Error-I Want Your Soul
Natural Error-Infuzed
Natural Error-Who are you (vip)
Natural Error & M_A_M_F-Chickens
Natural Error vs Silver Fox-Drunk Punch
Natural Error-What Is This
Natural Error-Battle feat Mc Lok-I
Natural Error-Creatures
Natural Error-Cute
Natural Error-Darkness
Natural Error-Darkside Ego Trippin Remix
Natural Error-Darkside Original Mix
Natural Error-Deadly Jelly Baby
Natural Error-Future Visions
Natural Error-Heavyweight
Natural Error-My Masterpiece
Natural Error-Ruffneck
Natural Error-Smuggling Dope
Natural Error-This One
Nu Elementz - Ganja Man
Nu Elementz - Species (VIP)
Nu Elementz & Decimal Bass-Ticka Tock
Nu Elementz & Profile-5 Days
Nu Elementz-Fight With Me VIP
Nu Elementz-Foolish
Nu Elementz-Risk
Nu Elementz-Sour
Nu Elementz-Strange Things (Remix)
Nu Elementz-Writers Block
Nu Elementz & Decimal Bass-Radiation
Nu Elementz & Profile-Serious Shit
Nu Elementz & Profile-So Beautiful
Nu Elementz & Profile-Storybook
Nu Elementz & Ruffstuff-Hey Brother
Nu Elementz & Skorpio-Dr Claw
Nu Elementz & Profile-Pum Pum Killer
Nu Elementz &Profile-Red Fog
Nu Elementz-Command & Control
Nu Elementz-Concrete
Nu Elementz-Destroy You
Nu Elementz-Formula
Nu Elementz-Let It Up
Nu Elementz-Mango
Nu Elementz-MDMA
Nu Elementz-Rehab
Nu Elementz-Remember
Pacso-What's The Difference
Pharrel Williams-Happy Tripsta Bootleg
Premium-Dead Mans Shoes (Original Mix)
Premium-No Good Cunt Nu Elementz Remix
PREMIUM-No Good Cunt
Rowney & Hedex-Disruptive
Rowney-What What What (feat. MC Logic)
Savage Rehab-Neck Funk feat Saxxon & Balistik
Savage Rehab-Rare Groove feat Saxxon
Saxxon & Balistik-Horntail
Saxxon-Mr Mac
Saxxon-Mr Mac VIP
Saxxon-Vesuvius The Time
Sensai-Speed Of Light
Serum & Serial Killaz-G Funk
Serum & Serial Killaz- Hold On
Serum-Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Serum-Rat Trap VIP
Serum-Rat Trap
Natural Error -OBSTACLE
Simskai-Good Old Days Natural Error Remix
Sly & Pacso ft David Boomah - Bad Up The Town (Turno Remix)
Soligen & Type 2-Biology
Substainless-Bounce Like A Psycho
Substainless-Funking Around
Substainless-True Colours
Super Sharp Shooter
Top Dolla & Basshoven-Monotonic Elementz
Tripsta - Dirty Rat
Tripsta-Its My Bday Remix
Tripsta-No Diggity Bootleg
Tripsta-Ultra Funk Killer
Turno & Logan D-Spitshine
Turno & Profile-Tuco's Revenge
Tyke & Daddy Earl-Big Sound
Tyke & Prestige-Awful
Tyke & Prestige-Schizophrenia
Tyke & Prestige-Cowboy Desperado
Tyke-If This World Were
Tyke-Infected Headphones
Voltage-Junk Yard Dog
Wretch 32-Forgiveness Jayline & Nu Elementz Remix
Zero-Corrupt Cop (Nu Elementz Remix)
Code Red-As We Enter
House, Electronic, Ambient, Deep house, Drum 'n' Bass, Electronica, Garage, Jungle, Techno, Ibiza club
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Private event, Wedding, Virtual event, Corporate event, Bar / Club / Venue event, Hotel / Restaurant event, Concert, New Year's Eve, Christmas party, Birthday party
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Audio engineer, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist, MC, Instrumental teaching, Theory teaching
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