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Professional String Arrangements & Recordings: Manic Street Preachers, Roger Daltrey, The Proclaimers, Mel C, Bill Fay, Charlotte Church.

The Vulcan String Quartet has recorded with over 100 artists worldwide, and featured on more than 90 albums. Working with producers such as Steve Albini, Guy Massey, Greg Haver, Dave Eringa, Steve Orchard, Rob Ellis, Clint Murphy and Richard Jackson has given them a wealth of experience in and out of the Studio. Clients include: Manic Street Preachers, Roger Daltrey, The Proclaimers, Charlotte Church, Melanie C, Bill Fay, Peasant's King, Ciaran McMeeken, Chinaski, Martin Carr, DevilSkin, Ben Montague, Richard Walters, Scarlett Parade, The Heartbreaks, Charlotte Campbell, Onirama, Sound of Guns, Chris Ridgeway, Memphis, Gerard John, MakeBelieve, Sherman Downey, Peter Aristone, Libeau, The Bracknell, Post Zero, Bex, Swann, Gun, Amoriste , Fredrika Stahl, The Automatic, Boy Cried Wolf, Lois, Dusso & the Holy Smokes!, Alen Seed, Templeton Pek, The Flex, Race Car Hearts, Ocean Bugs, Storyfold, The Mojo Fins, Chris Perrin & The Minor Falls, Katie Thompson, Jake Downs, Magic Polar Bears, Supermodel, Hogan, Sleeping Dogs, The Early Birds, Seven Days, The Guilty Ones, States Of Emotion, Dave McMillian, Mark Ely, Joe Brooks, Stop Motion Men, Jay Leighton, The Fanclub, The Last Grand, Ever 27, Pippettes, Albany Down, Marvin, Codes, So What, Annabel Fay, Goodnight Nurse, Steve Edwards, Edgar Prais, Hayley Cowan, EMJ Taylor, Cape Fear, Elnur & Samir, Nathan King, Gem, Chris Townsend, Bensem, Studio Arcade, Jonny Love, Ivy Lies, They Walk Among Us, Red Star Rebels, 5star Fallout, Superhuman, Gwawr Loader, Opshop, The Kicks, Louise Latham, The Fight, Afzelia Project, Kyro, The Feelers, Smokehand, Sal, Small Victories, Gwenno, Katy Dann, Big Leaves, The Afternoons, Murry The Hump, Bench, The Keys, John Rea, and Tommy And The Chauffeur.


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