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Electric Duo
Have you ever heard a 2 piece band that sound like a 10 piece? Then TWO HATS is for you. Live Reggae Dub / Electro Swing

Two Hats is a London based duo. Created in 2012 multi-instrumentalist & producer Nano Sigo and drummer Dimitri Stocchi. Both performers graduated from London College of Music couple of years down the line. From Jazz to Dub and Gypsy to Funk their Loop Station based music is fun, dancy and interesting to watch during their live performances. Today's light-speed advances in digital technology have dramatically affected the way nearly all musicians create music, opening up new avenues of expression that were impractical or impossible in the recent past. The duo concept is live looping, where Nano uses a foot-controlled recorder to capture segments of his guitar, saxophone and vocal live performances as audio loops, which he then play back and manipulate in real time supported all along by Dimitri’s groove and virtuosity on the drums.

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