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old time string band
Old-fangled String Band Trio, performing all the marginal hits of 1928. Podcast hosts. Available for square dances, revival meetings, etc.

Born a hundred years late and 4000 miles too far East, The Ninetree Stumblers dredge up nuggets of the Old Weird America from the crackly grooves of 78RPM shellac. Three multi-instrumentalists from Bristol, UK, the band trade guitars, banjos, fiddles and more, clambering from song to song through shows that set Moonshine-fuelled hoedowns against sombre Baptist hymns, cockeyed ragtime and sweetheart waltzes. The Ninetree Stumblers are fairly confident that you have heard ‘Old Joe Clark’ enough for one lifetime, and prefer to present their audiences with wonders and curios collected in an era before the record companies thought they knew what people wanted to hear. Naive harmonies; one-chord brutalism; calypso harmonica; nothing works out as you expect. “I love this music, but I never heard any of those tunes before!” one listener told them. That is very much the point. Avowedly old-fangled in style but forward-looking in their methods, The Ninetree Stumblers released their Debut EP, ‘Sigogglin’, in late 2014 as a pay-as-you-feel digital offering, and issue a podcast on a broadly monthly schedule: The Ninetree Stumblers Radio Hour mixes live in-studio takes with original pre-War recordings and the latest tracks from the contemporary Old-Time scene. 2015 saw them drag their ever-growing instrument collection to Fire in the Mountain Festival and Sidmouth Folkweek, and stages were shared with the Corn Potato String Band, Jeff Warner, Jerron Paxton and Curtis Eller.

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From customers:

Americana U, 3 years ago

slow, fast, anything in-between, they play it to the manner born...this is one of the best new additions to the old-time canon

Mustrad.org.uk, 3 years ago

“These performances are bursting with energy, and in many ways it's the same kind of energy that make the originals so appealing.”

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