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English Traditional Ceilidh Band
We are an English Traditional Ceilidh Band, although we draw our musical influence from all over the British Isles.

We have been playing as a band for just over 2 years. Every band member has experience in playing with other bands prior to forming the Ceilidh Band. We all enjoy folk music. 4 of the band are members of Jockey Men's Morris Club of Birmingham. We draw our musical influence from English Traditional Dance Music, although some of the tunes are also gathered from all around the British Isles. (And sometimes even further afield). All of us like Rock Music too, so our Ceilidhs are electrified, with a PA system capable of filling a decent sized venue. We are also used to playing acoustic sets. Jonno our Caller, will keep your event lively and good fun for everybody. It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned country dancer, or never tried it out before. Jonno will explain the dance before it starts, and make sure you know what your doing, by calling out the sequences whilst the band is playing. We have played at 2 wedding receptions. A birthday party, numerous Ceilidhs that we have organised ourselves. We have also played numerous acoustic sets in local Birmingham Pubs.