Acoustic blues / jazz duo

Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson

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Acoustic blues / jazz duo
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Old-time, good-time, ragtime blues featuring the songs of blues, jazz, jug band and hokum legends such as Blind Blake & Jelly Roll Morton.

Old-time, good-time, ragtime blues from Phil (vocals, ukulele & banjo) and Ian (acoustic guitar & harmony vocals), featuring the songs of blues, jazz, jug band and hokum legends such as Blind Blake, Jelly Roll Morton, The Mississippi Sheiks, Robert Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller and more. Between them they have over 60 years gigging experience and have spent 10 years together touring all over the UK and venturing into Europe and the US, in venues ranging from tiny clubs to huge festival stages. Their almost telepathic tightness and groove makes it hard not to tap your feet, and their song choices are designed to raise a smile. If you think that blues is all about misery, these two will change your mind!

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Acoustic M, -87 year ago

Phil and Ian have regressed to the glory days, stomping out 1920s anthems like Blind Blake’s ‘Police Dog Blues’ and Tampa Red’s ‘Can’t Get Enough Of That Stuff’, as if fueled by slugs of corn liquor., 3 years ago

Ian’s lusciously thick and choppy guitar parts add both a solid rhythm and a chunky footing for Phil’s picking whether it be on the banjo or ukulele… packing more gravel than you’ll find at the bottom of a fish tank into his powerful blues voice, it really is a great pleasure to see the UK’s ukulele maestro back with his musical sparring partner and in fine form with it!