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Nikita Faie

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Acoustic Act
Musician and Singer-Songwriter based in Kent. I currently play on my own as as acoustic act, folk grunge band is on it's way...

I'm a 20 year old singer-songwriter and musician and have studied opera singing and commercial composition at the University of Southampton. I'm a little bit batty, impulsive and I adore writing, recording and performing. I have recently been on BBC Radio Kent as a member of The Overnight Angels alongside Wolfe Sunday on the James Whale show and am currently looking for musicians to join me as part of a new folk grunge band... new things are coming! Stay tuned N Ï ₭ Ï Ŧ A F A Ï E

Acoustic Act
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From customers:

Sarah P, 5 years ago

A jaw dropping performance ensued on stage that commanded your attention at all times... this young girl rocker has bags of confidence.