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If you are interested in listening, composing, programming, performing, discussing New Music, then you are welcome to join the NME.

What is NME? The NME (New Music Ensemble) is a non governmental organisation of creators and makers of contemporary new music and performance art. It brings together individual groups with different cultural backgrounds, educational histories, skills and experiences, in order to design some of the next relevant steps of contemporary art. Our Goals We aim to foster the creation and circulation of new pieces of work, relevant to the art-world today, both locally and globally. Additionally, we seek to immerse our community in a rich, yet familiar environment, where discussions about the issues relevant to the artists and thinkers of the NME can be developed and productively held. Our Disciplines The NME are progressing into a larger arena of general performative arts, as we move away from the core traditions arising in contemporary music, composition and performance.