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Little Brother Eli

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Blues band
Little Brother Eli are an enigmatic 5-piece band who have been selling out shows in Oxford and getting their hometown very excited.

Little Brother Eli combine the blues with hip hop rhythms to give you ‘the feeling that every single second has been filled with crafted perfection’ (Right Chord Music), but even this kind of juxtapositional statement doesn’t quite cover it. With a sound that brings Jack White or the Black Keys to mind, Little Brother Eli take powerful vocals, growling guitars and gritty solos to create their own twist on bluesy garage rock. The band was formed in Oxford during early 2013 by bassist Josh Rigal and vocalist Alex Grew. The pair were joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and drummer Benji Page who began sharing their eclectic mix of musical influences.

Blues band
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From customers:

Guy F, 3 years ago

How on earth can a band this good be unsigned? This album immediately arrested – a great sound that was hard to silo into a genre: rock-garage-blues perhaps, but ultimately the band’s sound is entirely its own. Add to that some outstanding vocals and you have the makings of a fine album. After only three listens to Cold Tales, I had decided this was one of my top two albums so far of 2016."

Record D, 3 years ago

Hitting you right between the eyes, this indie guitar sucker punch comes flying at you with drums pounding and guitars cranked right up for maximum impact."

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