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2006-2009 Studies Middle Level Higher National School of Art in Havana, specializing in violin. He graduated in 2009 with top marks and congratulations. -Member of the Youth Orchestra of the National School of Art. -Participates in the second, third and fourth National Encounter of Symphony Orchestras. -Winner of the second prize in the "Young Talents" convened by the ENA. -Participates as a violinist in the International Choir Festival "America Cantata" in the Palace of Conventions. -Participates in the Gala for the March 8 in tribute to Vilma Espin at the Palace of Conventions. -In May / 2008 performs the "Chamber Music Concert", their first concert as a violinist, and guest musicians in the Caturla Hall of the Provincial Library of Santa Clara, performing works by Juan S. Bach, Astor Piazzolla and a piece of his own authorship. From his student and then as a professional he has been presented in: Concert Hall of the Church of Paula, Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Oratorio San Felipe Neri, Minor Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Hispanic American Cultural Center, Teatro Karl Marx, Aula Magna of the University of Havana, José Martí National Library Museum of Fine Arts and La Casa de las Americas in Havana. Also at the Teatro La Caridad, Caturla Hall of the Provincial Library Martí, Museum of Decorative Arts and Cultural Center Mejunje, all in the city of Santa Clara. At this stage it has integrated several orchestras led by teachers: Maria Elena Mendiola, Beatriz Corona, Jorge Lopez Marin, Iván Valiente, and Antonio Mendez (son), among others. Takes master classes relevant musicians like violinists Evelio Tiel and Alfredo Muñoz; and Master Ivan Valiente, of Cuba. Accompanist outstanding performers as Beatriz Marquez, Elizabeth D'Gracia, Raquel Gonzalez, Sara Gonzalez, Liuba Maria Hevia and Gerardo Alfonso, among others. 2009-2012: Professor at the Vocational Art School "Olga Alonso" Villa Clara, and Professor of the Professional School of Art "Samuel Feijóo" of Villa Clara. -Member of: Ancient Music Ensemble Ars Nova, directed by maestro Raul Saballa; Vionaika and his group; Raptus, directed by Alejandro Yera; Rubén Urribarres Chamber Orchestra of Villa Clara. 2012: Member of the duo "Strings Latinas", of Havana, conducted by maestro José Andrés (Pucho) Nuñez. 2009-2014: Member of the Soloists Chamber Orchestra of Havana directed by Maestro Iván Valiente. April / 2009 Invited to integrate the National Symphony Orchestra in concert with pianist Frank Fernandez, under the direction of Maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa. -Participates in a national tour with the Soloists Chamber Orchestra of Havana directed by Maestro Iván Valiente. October / 2009 Recording a CD with singer Augusto Enriquez at Abdala Studios. June / 2009 performs the concert "A memory," his second concert as a violinist, and guest musicians in the Caturla Hall of the Provincial Library of Santa Clara, with works by Andres Alen, Astor Piazzolla, and Ignacio Cervantes, arranged by his own authorship. April / 2010 organizes its third concert as a violinist, chamber music with works by Eduard Grieg and Astor Piazzolla, arranged by his own authorship, at the Caturla Hall of the Provincial Library. First it acts as accompanist. He works as a violinist duets "look" and "Worlds" in the Hotel Barceló La Estrella de Cayo Santa Maria. May / 2010 Invited to play as a soloist (violinist) in the National Tour Camerata Romeu, led by Zenaida Romeu Master. April / 2011 live recording of the CD "Solo Salen" troubadour Roly Berrio in space "A clean guitar" Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center. September / 2011 Invited by the Trio Alter Ego to accompany Liuba María Hevia as a violinist, concert of Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center in Havana Biennial. Arranger with Diego Santiago (Alter Ego director) all songs performed in this concert. -Live recording CD "Variations" of Maikel's Cuartet in Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center. March / 2012: Performing the concert '' Juan Manuel between Friends '' his first concert as a pianist. Its guest musicians and relevant voices of culture in Santa Clara: Vionaika Martinez, Maykel Elizarde and clarinetist Alejandro Yera among others. Also performs musical direction and production of the concert. June / 2012 Invited by the troubadour Leonardo García (member of the project's Trovuntivitis) to a memorable concert at the Casa de las Americas, who shared the stage with great musicians in the country as Yaroldy Abreu percussionist and bassist Lázaro Rivero. December / 2012 Participates with Soloists Orchestra of Havana in the National Tour Master Jose Maria Vitier, playing The Cuban Mass to Our Lady of Charity, by the Coro Exaudi, and great voices like Barbara Llanes, María Felicia Pérez, Augusto Enriquez and Amaury Pérez Vidal. special guest as a violinist at the Gala of Cubadisco 2013, dedicated to the violin and held that year in Santa Clara. May / 2013 Concert presentation of CD "Pilgrim Mother" (of which he was director and musical producer, arranger, and played the piano and violin) in the Church of Carmen, Santa Clara. August / 2013 Invited as a violinist at the National Tour Liuba María Hevia singer-songwriter, in tribute to the composer Teresita Fernandez. September / 2013 Invited as violinist CD recording "De Corona to Trovuntivitis" Trio words. Hummingbird seal. December / 2013 Recording Live CD-DVD "Concerts Friends" troubadour Vicente Feliu in the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater of Cuba. He made the musical arrangement of one of the topics. February / 2014 "Juan Manuel and Jonas in Concert" held in Room Marta Abreu of the Teatro La Caridad Santa Clara. works of Amaury Gutierrez and Francisco CEPEDES were interpreted. He was an arranger, musical director and producer, by the piano, violin and first appeared as a singer. April / 2014 Second Edition of "Juan Manuel and Jonas in Concert" now at the Teatro La Caridad, with guests: Roberto Fortun, Alejandro Yera, Karel Fleites, Fabien Contreras, Cañizares and Wendy Besada. May / 2014 Composes and performs all the music play "always forget something" Mystery group, led by Delia Coto in Havana. August / 2014 Invited as a pianist to Ivette Cepeda concert at the Teatro La Caridad Santa Clara. December / 2014 organizes the "New Year's Eve Concert" with the Raptus group as a guest in the courtyard of the Museum of Decorative Arts of Santa Clara. General director, producer, arranger, singer and pianist. January / 2015 Records a demo with three themes of Cuban singer Amaury Gutiérrez, in the Communications Center José Bandor study, El Carmen Church, Santa Clara. (Voice, piano and musical direction). January / 2015 began his work with actress Roxana Pineda, dabbling in the world of theater not only as musical director, arranger, singer and pianist, but also as an actor. The result of that collaboration Recital performative "I embrace Sadness" premieres in the room Margarita Casallas the Mejunje and Teatro La Caridad Santa Clara. May / 2015 Filming the video for Absence, Rafael Hernandez in the Caturla Hall of the provincial library Martí. July / 2015 Invited as arranger and pianist of two of the tracks on the album of independent production, the Cuban troubadour Yordan Romero, Communications Center José Bandor study, El Carmen Church, Santa Clara. August / 2015 Debuts in Santa Clara Recital performative "Open Veins" the second show in collaboration with actress Roxana Pineda, in the House of Dance. Dedicated to Eduardo Galeano, he is arranger, pianist, singer, actor and musical director of the project. August / 2015 Invited to the Festival "Women on Stage for Peace", he directed Patricia Ariza in Bogota, Colombia, with Recital performative "Open Veins" directed by actress Roxana Pineda. They come in as important as the Teatro La Candelaria of Colombia and Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater rooms. The show takes them to visit several cities of Colombia like Bucaramanga, Villa de Leiva, Cucuta and Ocana. November / 2015 Guest Recital with performative "Open Veins" directed by actress Roxana Pineda, the international theater festival "Encounter of Brothers" Contraelviento Theatre Group, in Quito, Ecuador. They are presented in various cultural spaces Quito as: The Central University, Chamber of 8½, ITC Theatre, and Sala Mandrake, among others. He has been invited especially and throughout his career to take part in: Concerts, clubs and events with artists like Diego Gutierrez, Roly Berrio, Alain Garrido, and Yaíma the Trovuntivitis Project Orozco, and others like the troubadour Juan Carlos Campos. He has also worked with artists like Damaris Figueroa, Vionaika Martinez, Melvy Santa Erick Jhon, and Aurora Feliú, and groups such as the Raptus Trio, Trio words, Coro Audinos, and Alter Ego Trio and String Quintet Habarroco. It has also made arrangements and musical compositions: Maykel Garcia director of Coro Audinos Santa Clara, Vionaika Martinez Trio words, Trio Raptus, Damaris Figueroa, Trio Alter Ego, Maykel Elizarde, Roly Berrio, Quinteto Habarroco, Chamber Orchestra Soloists of Havana Chamber Orchestra Ruben Urribarres, and Vicente Feliú among others. He is a member of the AHS of Villa Clara.