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"Soulful voice, beautiful fiddle, sweet harp, accordion and velvety bass - an exciting new Welsh band" - Bernard Kilbride

Named after the Welsh word for element, Elfen is the seamless blending of three great musicians. Elfen began in 2011 when Stacey Blythe and Helina Rees decided to begin working together to create a personal and joyous expression of Welsh Folk. Two years later the band found the fundament they were looking for in Jordan Price Williams and his double bass. After playing at Lorient Interceltique Festival in 2013 Elfen have appeared at venues across Wales, including St David's Hall Welsh Folk Proms, Wales Millenium Centre and other arts centres. Stacey Blythe, Helina Rees, and Jordan Williams create a distinctive and soulful soundtrack for a new folk music in Wales. With the ancient songs and tunes of the Cymry at their heart, Elfen are re imagining the traditional. Familiar old words are reworked into bold and inventive arrangements, with newly written tunes. Woven in alongside traditional music from around the world, Elfen manage to remain firmly in a Welsh sound world.

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From customers:

Opera S, 2021 years ago

Compellingly sunny, rich and evocative, their fiddle, accordion, and bass are woven masterfully around Stacey Blythe's jazz soaked voice giving Elfen their place in a new Welsh Folk." Rhian Hutchins - Opera Sonic

Caryl J, 8 years ago

Elfen has captured something special with their combination of passion, musicality, subtlety and repertoire. Elfen's magic is its command of instruments, sympathetic execution and fascinating choice of tunes to reward the listener with the friendliest of sounds and a truly lovely musical experience.

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