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Ceilidh and folk concert band
Public liability insurance of £10 million
A world class band pushing the boundaries of English folk dance music with brass, keys, percussion and melodeon.

Their immense sound for just 3 people consists of the unmistakable melodeon of Simon Care, the notorious keyboards and vocals of Nina Zella and the mind boggling, multi-tasking calling, percussion, brass and drums of Tim Walker. Simon is, perhaps, the finest English dance band melodeon player with decades of experience in such iconic bands as Tickled Pink, Edward II, The Morris On Band, TradArrr, Simon Care Trio and The Albion Christmas Band. Nina Zella is acknowledged as one of the finest players of keyboards for traditional dance anywhere in Europe, playing with other bands such as Fiddlers Wreck, Andrea Capezuolli (Milan) and also performing as a solo artist all over Europe and the Middle East. Tim Walker brings a twist to the group, playing percussion and brass at the same time as well as calling dances from behind the kit. Tim has called for dances at a host of UK folk festivals and ceilidh 'clubs' as well as having years of experience calling dances for community and function events for all age ranges and levels of experience. Banter have headlined or featured heavily at many of the leading UK folk festivals including: Sidmouth Folk Week, Wickham, Towersey, Southwell, Broadstairs , Shrewsbury, Chippenham, Warwick, Chester, Bromyard, Dartmoor, Langdales, Hastings and at Glastonbury Festival two years running. This next year their festival gig listings are even more extensive. In addition to ceilidhs, Banter are acknowledged as a punch packing concert band with the addition of self penned (N Zella) and cover material with everything thrown in from Pop and Soul to Reggae. Banter will always make your event sparkle and guarantee the most epic amounts of fun.

Ceilidh and folk concert band
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From customers:

John B, 2 years ago

Eminently danceable , mainly based on the traditional English repertoire, but given a healthy injection of other musical styles along the way. Think Flowers and Frolics, crossed with La Bottine Souriante, crossed with Chas N Dave and you might come somewhere close