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Guide To Hiring A Mumford & Sons Band


Are you planning a festival themed or rustic barn wedding? If so, a Mumford & Sons style folk-pop band is a sure fire way to create a unique experience that is both authentic and truly memorable for you and your guests.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know when it comes to finding and booking the perfect Mumford band.

  1.    What is a Mumford & Sons style band
  2.    Equipment & Set Up
  3.    Repertoire
  4.    Booking The Band

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1.What Is A Mumford & Sons Band?

A Mumford & Sons Style band is essentially a band that plays a mixture of popular repertoire in a folky-pop style.  The band line ups usually comprise of 4-5 musicians and instruments can vary.

Why are they called a Mumford & Sons band?

The original band has had a huge impact on bringing the genre to a mainstream audience.  Combined with the rising trend in festival themed and vintage style weddings, there is now huge demand for ‘Mumford Style’ bands to perform at weddings as an alternative to the ‘traditional’ wedding band.

What instruments do the band play?

The instruments played by Mumford & Sons style bands can vary but tend to be combination of Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards and Double Bass.  Line ups may also contain a variety of synthesisers, banjo, fiddle, violin and trombone.

Types of events for Mumford & Sons Style Bands

Mumford & Sons style bands are hugely popular for Festival themed weddings, enabling couples to deliver a truly authentic experience for both themselves and their guests.

They are also incredibly popular choices to headline summer festival events and private garden parties for special occasions like landmark birthdays / anniversaries etc.

2.Band Equipment & Setup

Do the band provide need a PA system / What equipment does the client need to provide?

The band will usually provide their own PA system and include this in their original quote but it is always good to double check.

If your venue already provides a PA system then simply let the group know.

Do I need to provide food?

This is at your discretion but is definitely helpful to ensure the band have the energy to deliver their best performance yet!

Can the band play outside?

Yes absolutely (weather pending) and your band will be able to advise you on power requirements for them to set up.

What dress code can I expect?

Mumford & Sons style bands will dress similar to how they appear in their promo photos.  If there are special requirements for your particular event you can discuss and agree this with your favourite bands prior to booking.

How long will the band play for?

The standard playing time for a performance is 2 x 45 minute sets.  An experienced professional band will have a huge and varied repertoire at their disposal so groups will usually be happy to provide an additional set should you require it.  This will usually increase the quote.

How much setup time does a band need?

Bands usually require about 1.5 hours to load in, get set up and sound check.


The band will need be bringing their instruments, speakers, lights etc so will require details of a convenient parking option at the venue/location. 

3. Mumford & Sons Songs / Playlists / Repertoire

As you may expect, Mumford & Sons will have popular song choices from the original band as well as other well known bands in the folk-pop genre to include in their set list.  They also have lots of other material to perform, including the most popular wedding songs, to ensure all of your guests are dancing and having fun.

Can I pick songs?

Of course.  The band will be able to advise on what material gets guests dancing and when best to place them in the sets but ultimately they will tailor the experience to your preferences.

Can the band play my playlists before/in between sets?

Most bands are more than happy to provide playlisted music via their PA system before and in between their live sets.  If you’d like to input on song selection or even supply the full playlist this is fine too. Bands usually include this service at no additional costs.

Can the band provide a DJ set?

Most bands can provide a DJ service after their performance so you can keep the party going.  This usually comes at an additional cost with the average price being £150-£200 though it will vary depending on the band.

Can the band play my favourite song?

In the majority of cases, absolutely.  Great bands take pride in delivering unforgettable experiences.  If there is a song you would like that isn’t included in the bands repertoire list simply make the request and they will likely learn it for you.

4.Booking a Mumford & Sons Style Band

How far in advance should I book?

Peak dates can fill up very fast, even up to a year in advance.  Saturdays between May and September are the most popular dates for weddings.  Luckily, at Encore we have thousands of amazing bands signed up to the platform so will be able to quickly curate fantastic options for you months, weeks or even days before your event.

Regardless of how far away your event date is, we certainly recommend that you lock the date in once you’ve identified a band you really like.  It can be incredibly frustrating to find out your favourite band has been booked elsewhere for your date!

What’s the typical price for a Mumford & Sons Band?

Between £1200 and £2000 is the typical price range for high quality and experienced professional Mumford & Sons style bands. Prices can fluctuate slightly depending on the number of band members, date and distance from the venue.  We often advise clients to budget £200-£300 per musician. So expect to generally pay more for a larger line up as there are more musicians to pay.

Are there other costs?

At Encore the price you see is the price you pay.  Bands will provide you a performance quote that includes VAT and travel.  The travel expense takes into account petrol/train tickets, flights, overnight stay (if required) etc.

How do I handle contracts and payment?

Booking through Encore means there is no need for contact back and forth with your chosen band.  Both client and musician are protected via Encore’s T&C policy.

Encore only requires a 35% deposit to book a band with the remaining balance not requested until 14 days before the performance date.  Musicians are paid the day after the event.


In this guide we have covered everything you need to know when it comes to finding and booking a Mumford & Sons style band for your event.  If you have any additional questions or comments please do get in touch with me at [email protected]

If you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect band, create an enquiry here and we’ll show you quotes from amazing Mumford & Sons style bands within minutes!

Joel Vincent

Our Sales & Partnerships Lead, Joel, plays guitar and is obsessed with 90s R&B.

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