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Top 10 Guitar Songs for Your Wedding


Picking the perfect musician for your wedding can be a very stressful process, but how can you go wrong with the warm and dreamy sounds of the acoustic guitar?

When it comes to the guitar, there a few genres to choose from. Whether you want smooth renditions of popular songs or more traditional Spanish and classical melodies to bring some character to your event. We’ve chosen our top 10 wedding songs for guitar to help you out for your big day!

If you’ve not yet booked a guitarist for your wedding ceremony and you’re thinking about hiring one, we’d recommend taking a look at some of the insanely talented guitarists available to book right here at Encore. We have over 300 acoustic guitarists available throughout the UK.

Need advice on planning your wedding music? Read our Ultimate Guide to Hiring Wedding Musicians.

What are some Popular Songs for guitar?

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran 

What would this list of top ten guitar songs be without including Thinking Out Loud? Ed Sheeran’s 2014 love ballad is an ideal tune for your special first dance; its soulful and heartfelt lyrics will not fail to leave your guests teary-eyed.

In mid-2015 this song became the first single ever to spend a full year in the UK Top 40 and during its run hit the number one spot in seven other countries. By September of the same year, it had gone triple platinum! Since then, it has been a highly requested song for our guitarists.

 Encore’s highly recommended guitarist, Tom Butterworth’s showreel, showcasing his wide range of genres. Thinking Out Loud can be heard at 1:57 

To Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Adele’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s 1997 song Make You Feel My Love became a popular song choice for wedding planners after it was featured on her debut album 19 in 2008. We think this might just be the song that turned Adele from a well-known singer to an international sensation! (And yes… you’ll be forgiven if you thought this was her original song!) Dylan’s lyrics with Adele’s slowed, soulful melodic changes are a match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong with this one!

All Of Me by John Legend 

If you want a guaranteed tear-jerker, look no further! This love ballad took over the charts when it was released by singer-songwriter John Legend in 2013. The song was dedicated to his then fiancé and now wife – so it definitely did its job! The song became Legend’s first number-one single in the US. With a chorus that reads, ‘Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections…’ you’re promised a night full of love and heartfelt tears.

What are some Classical songs for guitar?

Canon in D Major by Pachelbel 

Times are most definitely changing; a lot of brides-to-be would love a chart-topping love song to walk down the aisle but that might not necessarily be your vibe… Are you looking to stick to early traditions and rich romance? If that’s the case, Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D major may be the tune for you!

This late 17thcentury piece is still one of the most popular pieces of classical music today, in an age where popular culture has taken over. Why not add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your wedding ceremony with this ultimate classic!

Canon in D, performed by Encore classical guitarist, Alex Marshall

Cello Suite No.1 Prelude by Bach

Here we have another timely classic, by the one and only Johann Sebastian Bach! Bach is a composer we all know and love and this piece, originally written in the early 18th century for the unaccompanied cello, is no exception. This piece provides great ambience, perhaps great background music for your wedding ceremony or reception…

Spanish Romance by Anonymous

Spanish romance, Romance d’Amour or Romance de España – some of this vintage piece’s many (many) names – over the years its origin has been somewhat up for debate. However, it does seem to date back to the late 19th century. It has been attributed to many composers during this time, Antonio Rubira was one of the earliest Spanish guitarists to publish his version of the classic titled Estudio para Guitarra. Romance will most definitely bring a sense of joy, charisma, and enthusiasm to your big day.

Encore guitar player, Edina Balczo playing Spanish Romance. Edina specialises in Flamenco, Tango and Spanish Guitar!

Concierto De Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo

This romantic guitar piece by Joaquín Rodrigo will bring raw Spanish passion, emotion and drama to your day. Dating back to the late 1930s this piece is by far Rodrigo’s most popular body of work. To this day, the excitement around this tune has recognised Rodrigo as one of the influential Spanish composers of the 20th century.

What are some Jazz songs for guitar? 

At Last by Mack Gordon & Harry Warren

If you’ve never heard this song, you’re missing out on (possibly) one of the most romantic jazz songs ever written. Probably best known for Etta James’ 1961 cover, which ended up in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999. ‘At last! My love has come along. My lonely days are over and life is like a song’ – who wouldn’t want to marry the love of their life and slow dance the night away to lyrics like that!

All of Me by Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons 

This song was first introduced in 1931 by performer Belle Baker. It became one of the songwriters’ biggest hits as many top musicians of the era performed it. From Ella Fitzgerald to Louis Armstrong and was also famously performed by Frank Sinatra many times. If you’re not sure where to start with jazz songs for your wedding party, start with this!

Stella By Starlight by Victor Young 

Picture this. It’s the late 1940s, you’re at a jazz club in New Orleans sipping on whiskey – neat – cigarette in hand, clicking and tapping your feet to some smooth, smooth jazz… If that’s your idea of heaven, then look no further as this song will transport you right there! Originally composed in 1944 by Victor Young, Stella By Starlight is one of the most highly ranked standards among jazz musicians. If you’re looking for a night reminiscent of a swanky late-night jazz club, this is the song for you!

How much is it to hire a Guitarist?

Prices for hiring professional guitarists can range between £190-£400, on average costing around £290 depending on the length of the set and the time of day. Arranging a guitarist for your special day is very cost-effective – especially when put in comparison with a string quartet or function band that can cost £1000 plus! Here’s what to expect:

  • Starting price – £190
  • Average price – £250
  • High-end – £400+

Hopefully, this short article has given you some inspiration as to what songs or styles you’d like your wedding guitarist to perform. However, you and we know that there are so many other amazing guitar tunes not listed above! If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, why not get in touch with one of our hundreds of talented guitarists here at Encore! We’re sure they’ll be able to help create a setlist perfect for you and the vision you have for your special day.

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If you’ve already chosen your preferred guitarist for your wedding day and need some entertainment for later on in the event. Why not have a look through our thousands of wedding acts and singer guitarists on call and ready to get your guests on the dance floor, boogying till the night is through!

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