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Top 7 Musical St George’s Day Entertainment Ideas


St George’s Day is a time of socialising and celebration, but organising musical entertainment for your event can be tricky. There are so many options it can be difficult to work out what will suit the occasion… But luckily we are here to help you!

No party is complete without music, so our hand-picked selection features spiffing party music, some particularly English quirks, and by Jove! even some online entertainment… At Encore we specialise in providing professional musical entertainment for events of all types, so don’t worry, we know exactly what you’re after!

No matter the type of occasion you’re putting on, whether it’s a large venue, the village cricket pavilion, or just a back garden, our ideas are guaranteed to make your St George’s Day celebrations just that extra bit more special!

Here are our Top 7 Musical St George’s Day Entertainment Ideas:

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Background Acoustic Guitarist

  • Atmosphere: Chilled out and cosy
  • Cost: £180-£400+
  • Encore Pro Tips:

Everyone loves the simplicity and flexibility of an acoustic guitarist. Your musician can sit subtly in the background or be made a feature of if you want. Often guitarists will have a huge range of music they can play, and any requests will be easy to fit in the mix.

If you mic up a guitarist they could work in large spaces, but they are best suited to more intimate settings like restaurants, gardens and pubs. But feel free to let your imagination go…

Check out Encore guitarist Thom playing some Luther Vandross. Guitarists can often play lots of different styles, even your favourite disco tunes like Never Too Much

Virtual Zoom Party

  • Atmosphere: Pandemic friendly and funny
  • Cost: £20-£200
  • Encore Pro Tips:

Over the last year, we’ve all had to adapt to pandemic life, but one of the best things we’ve all got used to are Online Parties! For those who can’t meet in person, these are a great way to bring people together and celebrate.

We have quickly become experts in how to make the most of virtual gatherings, so if you’d like to know how to spice up your St George’s Day Zoom call then check out this article.

Check out Encore beatboxer and DJ Max Lozowsky who creates hilarious personised music messages for all types of events. St George’s Day is the ideal theme for something like this!

Cockney Sing-Along

  • Atmosphere: Raucous classics with a vintage twist
  • Cost: £800-£1500
  • Encore Pro Tips:

If you’re looking for something a bit different then a cockney sing-along is the perfect way to create an old-school English vibe. A band like The Cockney Sparrows can provide a crowd participation style of entertainment that is sure to get everyone feeling involved…

Whether you are hoping to keep things small and intimate or get the whole work office singing at the top of their voices, everyone will remember this Peaky Blinders style party!


From old comedy songs to Disney classics, The Cockney Sparrows will have everyone singing along to your favourite English bangers (and mash).

Brass Bands

  • Atmosphere: Classic Northern fun
  • Cost: £800-£2000
  • Encore Pro Tips:

From Cockney London, we are heading up North with this idea… Brass bands are a staple of northern English culture so we think it’s only right to include this fantastic, patriotic tradition in our suggestions.

Brass bands come in all shapes and sizes, and can play a huge variety of music, from pop ballads to film soundtracks to Disney. They will also work brilliantly outdoors!

Encore’s Big Smoke Brass are a young brass band that play all different styles to suit the occasion. Get the classic brass band sound with a modern twist.

British Tribute Band

  • Atmosphere: Vintage British vibes
  • Cost: £800-£2000
  • Encore Pro Tips:

If you grew up wanting to meet The Beatles, or regretting the fact you never went to see Queen live, then we have the next best thing. Spice up your St George’s Day event with some authentic and talented tribute bands.

These bands work brilliantly outdoors and inside, getting the crowd going chanting all your favourite English bangers. This is a class way to celebrate! Especially for those who love the feel of a real live band, with energy and performing pizzaz…


Encore’s very own Beatles 4Ever UK! provide excellent theatrical shows that live up to all your rock’n’roll expectations…

Sophisticated String Quartet

  • Atmosphere: Classic and elegant
  • Cost: £800-£1200
  • Encore Pro Tips:

Mixing it up with some classical musicians can lead to stunning results. Nothing says classy English party like a string quartet

Beautiful melodies, classic tunes, modern and vintage vibes. All of this is possible with Encore’s huge range of string quartets.

This type of group also works brilliantly indoors and outdoors, as background music or as the main showpiece. This musical option is a classy touch that will make your eldest relatives proud!

Accordi String Quartet show just how beautiful some popular songs sound in a classical setting.

Vintage Jazz Band

  • Atmosphere: Classy but upbeat
  • Cost: £1000-1500
  • Encore Pro Tips:

This option has all the elements of class and finesse of a string quartet but might get your guests dancing a bit more…

20s style jazz bands like those seen at Lord Cricket Ground give any event that English heritage feel. These type of groups can perform in lots of different settings, from sports pitches to front gardens, and can easily incorporate requests into their repertoire.

What says St George more than some jazz… okay, maybe lots of things, but this is definitely an English musical tradition worth paying homage to!

Check out Encore’s Neon Blue, ready and waiting to perform at your patriotic picnic party…


Cover photo credit to The Rug Seller


Matt Venvell

Matt is a recent Music Graduate of Oxford University. He now splits his time between being a freelance drummer/percussionist and a content writer. In between these, Matt loves to learn about how the world works, enjoys the outdoors, and is always looking for more music recommendations.

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