Cover imageWe’ve been having a lot of great conversations with our members about how we can improve the experience of applying for and being booked for gigs through Encore.

A common request from musicians has been for more information throughout the job application process. Before when you applied for a gig on Encore, there was no further information until either:

  • the client sends you a message / booking request
  • you receive an email notifying you that your application was unsuccessful
  • you receive an email notifying you that the job expired due to client inactivity

We want you to be kept in the loop, so we’ve started adding more insight into your Bookings Dashboard (

Today we’re excited to announce two new pieces of insight.

Your application has been seen by the client 👀

Application seen by client

If the client has looked at their enquiry page since you sent your quote, you will see a green eye icon indicating that your quote has been seen. You will also see when they last looked at their enquiry page, and how many times they have looked so far.

If the client has not seen your application, the eye icon will be red.

Using this information, you can estimate how active a client is. For example, clients who view your application more often may be more likely to make a booking, whereas clients who have not viewed your application may have become inactive. Don’t worry, we automatically chase any inactive clients – if they are repeatedly unresponsive to our prompts, then the job will expire and you’ll be instantly notified.

You’ve been shortlisted ❤️

Clients often receive 10+ quotes after they make an enquiry, so we built a Shortlist feature to let them highlight and quickly view their favourites.

With this latest update, you can now see if you’ve been shortlisted by a client.

If a client has shortlisted you, this means you have a higher chance of being booked for the gig, so be sure to respond to messages quickly and follow up if they go quiet.

You've been shortlisted

What next?

What else would you like to see on your Bookings Dashboard?

Which pieces of information or stats would be helpful for you to know when applying for gigs on Encore?

Encore’s development is guided by your feedback, so be sure to send your thoughts to [email protected]