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5 Reasons Why Musicians Need Pro Photography


Lucy from our photography partner, Splento, offers some great industry insights into why professional photography is such an important part of any musician’s promotional material.

Whether you’re a classical cellist, a jazz pianist, or a blues singer, at some point in your career you’ll need great imagery to promote yourself and what you do. Photos are the first thing that bookers, promoters and audiences come across before the play button is pressed, so it’s important that those photos are top quality. Here are our top 5 reasons why you’ll want to consider professional photography:


1. Build your brand

Your profile picture is the first thing clients see when you apply for a job on Encore and being able to put a face to a name is a powerful way of building recognition among audiences and bookers. Mix a great musician and a great photographer and you have an image that becomes a symbol of your music – think of the stunning black and white headshot of on Adele’s 21 or the Beatles’ strolling across Abbey Road zebra crossing.


The cover of Adele’s 21, a marriage of great photography and great music

2. Capture your concerts

Shots of a performance in action are crucial marketing material for all musicians. When a client is browsing musician profiles for their upcoming event, they need to see you in action to be able to make a decision on whether your style matches the atmosphere of their event.

Concerts are when music comes alive and only professional imagery can capture the action which is unfolding on stage with precision and creativity. It is also paramount that the atmosphere of your concerts, the connection between you and your audience and the raw emotion your listeners are feeling are captured well in order to sell what you do.

3. Pro photos usually mean pro musicians

Bookers, promoters and event organisers review multiple portfolios before making a decision on which performance act to book for their event and in this instance, first impressions matter.

In the highly competitive world of the music industry, a grainy photo that your friend took of you at your last gig simply won’t cut it. Having professionally shot photography indicates to potential clients that you are serious about your craft and understand the value of marketing yourself visually.


The accidental holiday snap you took with your Dad, probably isn’t the shot you want on your profile…

4. Stand out online

The power of professionally taken and retouched shots cannot be underestimated when it comes to presenting yourself online. Having a quality Instagram, Facebook profile, and personal website are now standard for any musician wanting to promote themselves online and in each case, it will be your photography that plays the biggest part in influencing whether a potential client stays to listen to your recording or clicks away.

The internet is saturated enough as it is with images – to cut across the noise, you need to make sure yours are top-notch.

5. Never about looking unphotogenic again

Potential clients and audiences alike want to see the artist’s expression and stage presence in clear view and these kinds of shots are impossible to capture on a non-professional device, even if it is the latest iPhone.

For some people being in front of a camera can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if they feel that their photographer doesn’t know what they’re doing. An experienced photographer will know how to calm your pre-shoot anxiety and make you feel as comfortable as possible to ensure you get great-looking photos that accurately represent you and your music style.


Putting a bow on it – one of Splento’s photographers perfectly captures the energy of this violinist’s performance

By now, you should be convinced that professional photography is the way to go for your next artist imagery but for many, budgets can be limited. Here’s where Splento comes in…

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Encore to offer all Encore members an exclusive discount, so you can get a professional photoshoot without breaking the bank. Find out more about this special offer here.


Jonny Venvell

Jonny is Encore's Head of Artist Relations.

He's responsible for supporting and helping musicians on the platform and writes most of the musician-facing articles on the blog. He can usually be found singing in choirs, drumming in bands, or nodding meaningfully to particularly good chords in London's jazz bars.

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