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Hire a Singing guitarist in Miami for your wedding, party, or event. These versatile performers are perfect for livening up your event. Choose from a range of pop, folk, and jazz singers and more and wow your guests. Choose from our handpicked selection of the 16 best professional Singing guitarists now!
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Singing guitaristMiami

Tom provides beautiful vocals and soulful acoustic guitar melodies, covering popular songs, cocktail music classics, and more. Available for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

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Singing guitaristMiami

Elilo's warm acoustic tone incorporates pop and indie-pop with a touch of soul. Offering a wide vocal range, looping skills, and a repertoire that spans pop, indie, soul, RnB, and more.

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Singing guitaristMiami

Benjamin J. Parks is a solo acoustic guitar player and vocalist whose performance becomes naturally tailored to any venue setting and audience.

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Singing guitaristMiami

As a superbly soulful performer, Franklin offers a wide variety of acoustic renditions perfect for any occasion. Available for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

Frequently asked questions

Can any singing guitarist play my favourite song?

Professional singing guitarists will often take requests, but you will need to give them plenty of notice. Please also keep in mind that singing guitarists may ask for a small additional fee to prepare songs that aren't already on their song list. You can view the singing guitarist's song list on their Encore profile.

How much time do singing guitarists take to set up?

Your singing guitarist will usually arrive about an hour or so before their performance begins to set up and get settled before they start playing. To avoid any delays, make sure the performance space is ready for the singing guitarist prior to their arrival.

My venue has asked for the performer’s PLI & PAT (Test & Tag) inspection certificates. What are these?

PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance. This insurance covers damage to another person or their property (it is also known as third-party insurance). Most of our singing guitarists will already have a PAT inspection certificate for their musical equipment/PA system, which they can provide to your venue if they need it.

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