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Hire a Singer in Portland for your wedding, party, or event. Our singers range in style from classical and opera to pop, folk, and original artists. Whether you're looking to hire a singer for your wedding, private dinner, or party, choose from our handpicked selection of the best professional Singers now!
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Anna Gilbert is an award-winning musician and singer-songwriter who has traveled the country playing shows, both with a band and solo.

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Rebecca Hardiman has a smooth, rich, beautiful singing voice that takes you on a musical journey of familiar, beloved classic Jazz songs. Available as piano/vocalist duo, trio, or full band.

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CJ Mickens offers powerhouse vocals, and original material as well as fantastic covers of today's modern pop and r&b, with eclectic musical styling. He performs solo or with his band.

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Randa is a multicultural singer, guitar, and piano player. She has developed a unique style that combines her Arabic and Spanish music background with a Pop/R&B musical influence.

Frequently asked questions

What types of music can a singer perform?

Singers span a wide range of genres and styles, but most will specialize in one or two styles. The most common genres for singers are pop, rock, & jazz. Your best bet is to check your singer's song list on their Encore profile - this will give you a good picture of what they're most comfortable singing! However, singers learn new songs easily, so if your favorite song isn't included, just ask - they can probably learn it.

I want my singer to play an instrument as well. Is this possible?

Yes! Many singers will play an instrument to accompany themselves, like a guitar or piano (or even the accordion!). They'll most likely mention this on their profile, as well as links to videos showcasing their skills.

Do singers bring their own equipment?

It's extremely common for singers to own backing track system setups, as well as fully contained performance equipment to bring to their performances at events. If the singer uses backing tracks, you can be confident that they'll also own amplification to bring along with them. In addition to this, many singers will also be able to provide lighting setups too - though always best to check first in both instances if this is what you're after.

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