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Hire a String quartet in Columbus for your wedding, party or event. Whether you need a wedding string quartet to play you down the aisle or need elegant background music for your corporate event, our string quartets are the perfect sophisticated addition to any event. Choose from our handpicked selection of the 4 best professional String quartets now!
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String quartetColumbus

CDSQ performs the classical string quartet repertoire, as well as gypsy, tango, folk, pop, rock, and jazz-inspired music. CDSQ breaks boundaries and pushes the limits of the string quartet by writing, arranging & performing music of all styles and working with artists of all genres

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String quartetColumbus

Viva La Strings is a local string ensemble made up of experienced professional musicians. We have years of musical and event planning experience to assist you in making your event memorable for years to come. Whether you want dinner music, background music, or special entertainment, Viva la Strings can provide for nearly every musical request.

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String quartetColumbus

With over 10 years of experience in providing the highest quality of music for weddings, parties, corporate events and many other functions the Innocenti Strings is a first choice when planning your live music needs.

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String quartetColumbus

Fitting scenes from vineyards to sanctuaries, the String Poets String Quartet – involving two violins, a viola and a cello – will add sophistication and class to your special day and leave you with beautiful memories.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need to provide for a string quartet?

"Four chairs with no arms. String quartets will generally bring their own music stands. Most groups play without, but if the musicians are using microphones or amplification, then they’ll need access to plug sockets.

How much space does a string quartet need?

Approximately 2 x 3 meters - imagine a Volkswagen Beetle with half of the bonnet missing. The musicians' bows will be moving, so guests shouldn't stand/be seated too close. Instruments are very fragile and expensive so it's best to keep children and exuberant dancers at a safe distance! If guests are curious, many musicians will be happy to talk about their instruments, so feel free to ask.

Can a string quartet take song requests?

Absolutely! Quartets love adding new pieces to their repertoire, and if they can’t find an arrangement, will often tailor one themselves for your event. This may add an additional fee to your booking, but is well worth the extra expense to hear your favourite song played in a new and exciting way. If you are going to ask for a new song, make sure you ask for this as early as possible. A quartet would ideally have a few weeks to get the song arranged and rehearsed properly, though they may be able to do this at short notice if they are particularly experienced.

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