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Hire a Motown band in Edmonton for your wedding, party, or event. Our Soul & Motown groups play everything from 70s classics to the music of soul-inspired pop giants Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams. Comprised of the best musician across Sydney these bands are guaranteed to bring the infectious music of the famous Motown label to your party or wedding! Choose from our handpicked selection of the best professional Motown bands now!
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Motown bandEdmonton

From beautifully articulate ceremony music to rocking dance parties with extraordinary finishes, the Ben Mallare band specialises in Top 40, Motown, Country, dance music, and more.

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Motown bandEdmonton

Eli's Band is a modern international live band combined with the high-energy sound of a DJ. With over 10 years of experience, the band provides entertainment for all events.

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Motown bandEdmonton

A new powerhouse party band on the Edmonton scene featuring some of Edmonton's best musicians and playing Motown, Top 40, party music, and more!

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Motown bandEdmonton

The Oddibles are an energetic cover band focusing on pop and rock music from the 70s and 80s. They also regularly perform songs from genres such as Motown, disco, and R&B.

Frequently asked questions

Can a Soul & Motown band take song requests?

Of course! Professional bands loving learning new songs, and it’s very common for bands to learn a special song as a first dance song. If you’d like your band to prepare something for you, make sure you give them several weeks notice so that they can fully prepare and rehearse the song for you. Be aware that some bands may charge a small fee for this. It’s unlikely that your band will be able to take song requests on the night, but if a guest asks for a particular Motown track, it’s likely that the band will already know it!

What equipment do I need to provide for a Soul & Motown band?

Almost every professional band is “self-contained” meaning they provide all of their own equipment, including PA, lighting, and mixing desk. If your venue regularly hosts live music, it’s worth checking whether they already have a sound system that the band can use. It’s courteous to provide plenty of water for the band, and some friendly hosts offer the band a meal before or after their set, which is always gratefully received!

How long does a Soul & Motown band need to set up?

A good band will need roughly an hour to unload, unpack and set up all of their equipment, as well as thoroughly soundchecking. If you’re booking a larger band, expect this to take 90 minutes.

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