Top Mariachi bands in El Paso

Hire a Mariachi band in El Paso for your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event. Booking one of these upbeat groups is sure to bring all energy of a Mexican fiesta to your party! Browse the best, authentic Mariachi bands below and find the perfect group to wow your guests.
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Mariachi bandEl Paso

Mariachi Estrella offers the very best in live music entertainment. Our cast of experienced musicians provides the professionalism and quality that your special event deserves.

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Mariachi bandEl Paso

Premier all-female group Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas wide-ranging repertoire includes boleros, huapangos, corridos, sones, cumbias and much more.

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Mariachi bandEl Paso

Under the direction of trumpeter and music educator Juan de la Cruz, Mariachi Aguilas has played a vital role in keeping the enriching tradition of authentic mariachi music alive.

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Mariachi bandEl Paso

Mariachi Alegre is an eleven-piece ensemble whose repertoire spans from the traditional rancheras, boleros, danzones and huapangos, to bluegrass, tangos and even El Paso-style oldies.

Frequently asked questions

Can any mariachi band play my favourite song?

Professional mariachi bands will often take requests, but you will need to give them plenty of notice. Please also keep in mind that mariachi bands may ask for a small additional fee to prepare songs that aren’t already on their song list. You can view the mariachi band’s song list on their Encore profile.

How much time do mariachi bands take to set up?

Your mariachi band will usually arrive about an hour or so before their performance begins to set up and get settled before they start playing. To avoid any delays, make sure the performance space is ready for the mariachi band prior to their arrival.

My venue has asked for the performer’s PLI & PAT (Test & Tag) inspection certificates. What are these?

PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance. This insurance covers damage to another person or their property (it is also known as third-party insurance). Most of our singing guitarists will already have a PAT inspection certificate for their musical equipment/PA system, which they can provide to your venue if they need it.

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