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Hire a DJ in Tucson for your wedding, party, or event. If you need a DJ who will keep your guests on their feet all night, look no further. From pop to rock or disco to house, our DJs are experienced in reading the room and playing hit after hit for your guests. Choose from our handpicked selection of the best professional DJs now!
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Voted Tucson Top Wedding DJ, Raza Entertainment DJs will provide premium DJ, MCing, and hosting services to your event. Available for weddings, corporate parties, and private events.

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Satyr Entertainment offers your guests something different than a normal DJ event. From high-energy, fist-pumping sets to unique silent discos, Satry DJs are great for private or company parties, community gatherings, and more!

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Javier Castillo AKA GLDN DJ has been DJing for over 15 years and has performed worldwide whilst running his own label and venue based out of Tucson. Available for weddings, corporate events, and more.

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Tony Granito AKA Tony G is Tucson's best Mobile DJ and karaoke service, taking the stress out of your event planning and creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, corporate event, or private party.

Frequently asked questions

Will the DJ take requests and can they play my favourite song?

Yes and yes! DJs can play just about any tune imaginable - their 'real' job is to make the music as seamless and smooth as possible; a rolling wave of the music you know and love. Professional DJs usually have a large selection of music to draw from and can cover all kinds of styles and genres. If you're a sucker for a specific or niche style, you can bet there's a DJ out there who's mastered it. Let your DJ know ahead of time if there are songs you'd like included in the set: they'll throw it into their musical jambalaya with ease!

How much time do DJs take to set up?

Your DJ will usually arrive about an hour or so before their performance begins to set up and get settled before they start playing. To avoid any delays, make sure the performance space is ready for the DJ prior to their arrival.

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