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Chamber Choir
The UK's new, young, pluralist, Jewish mixed choir

Minim are smart, fast and fun - everything you could ask for in a chorus. Oh, and they sing in tune. - Norman Lebrecht Minim was founded in January 2014 to fill a niche which is, as of yet, unfilled in the UK: for a fresh, new choir of a high calibre giving a platform to the tragically under sung music of our Jewish choral tradition. Minim is a new London-based choir of around 20 Jewish students and young professionals. Our members range from semi-professional singers to current Music students at University, to ex & current Oxbridge choral scholars. Together, we have combined experience in many of the UK’s best choirs, Jewish and secular. We chose the name Minim because as well as being the musical note in English, it has several meanings in Hebrew – it means “kinds” or “species”, and the choir is a truly pluralist group of different “kinds” of people, not just due to our widely diverse musical experience but also our varied religious backgrounds. It also means “heretics” in the Talmudic sense (!) and there is a subversive element to the project. We feel Minim is doing something no one else in the UK currently is and we wanted a unique name which stood out to reflect this. However, what we have in common is our passion for reviving the tradition of Jewish sacred choral music. This is because just a few decades ago, many synagogues in the UK had mixed choirs performing liturgical Jewish music in services and in concert. Today, these have all but disappeared. Our mission is therefore to give life to the Jewish choral tradition again. Spanning repertoire from Lewandowksi to Rossi to Sulzer, we want to do this music justice, bringing it to the national and international stage, Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. In addition, we are not averse to the idea of more contemporary music, so please approach us if you would like Minim to perform a new composition.

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