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A 14-piece juggernaut who deliver a mighty fusion of jazz, rock, and folk. Scotland’s answer to Snarky Puppy.
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Fat-Suit is on a collective journey through music, using jazz as the point of departure to explore a myriad soundworlds. This ensemble of rotating musicians originated in the collegiate surroundings of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, but it has wasted no time enervating the already vibrant jazz scene in Glasgow. The cast has been assembled from a diversity of musical backgrounds and it includes folk musicians with finesse, house artists with grit, rockers with attitude and hard boppers with style. The influence of contemporary exponents of jazz, funk and fusion such as Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck and GoGoPenguin are obvious influences, but Fat-Suit are already opening up fresh lines of enquiry. The approach may appear looser and more relaxed, but the aim is to entertain as much as it is to dazzle with technical ability. Fat-Suit have a strength in depth as well as in numbers and can call on some of Scotland’s finest young musicians, many of whom were making waves even before graduating. The larger than life rhythm section is held down by the solid application of funk power to the subtleties of jazz. Guitars raise their voices cutting through waves of burnished brass, while keyboards create alchemic shapes around elegant strings. This is the sound of next generation jazz, where highly informed and extremely open-minded players curate new music for a new century.