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Hire a Wedding band in Winnipeg for your wedding, party or event. If you want a first-class, local band that will keep your guests dancing all night you're in the right place. Choose from our handpicked selection of the 3 best professional Wedding bands now!
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The Big City All Star Band is a sought-after dance band that specializes in highly energetic shows for weddings and special events.

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Wedding bandWinnipeg

The Danny Kramer Dance Band is an award-winning group who specializes in bringing high energy and fun-filled experiences to weddings and events.

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Wedding bandWinnipeg

Dirty Catfish Brass Band is a 10 piece, brass heavy group that is bringing a new look to the Canadian music scene.

Frequently asked questions

What songs will a wedding band perform?

Professional wedding bands usually have extensive song lists - they're experienced musicians and will cater the songs they play to fit the mood of the night (with your input and ideas of course!). A wedding band's first priority is hitting the right tunes at the right time, getting your guests dancing, and making sure the evening is unforgettable. Unlike a pre-organised Spotify playlist, wedding bands will 'read the room', providing the right musical atmosphere to suit the moment. Make sure you tell the band the song you'd like them to play for the first dance well in advance - they might already know it, but best not to risk it!

When should I get the band to perform?

After the wedding dinner is usually your best bet. The band will normally set-up during dinner, and be ready to start the party when you are. If you're after something low-key, getting the band to play background music during canapés is not unheard of - simply let them know beforehand.

Will the wedding band provide all their own equipment?

Wedding bands will come well-prepared with all their own equipment: lights, PA system, music gear, and sometimes even a sound assistant! To give them a break between their sets, they will also often provide a DJ service, which will keep the guests happy and the dance-floor moving (and perhaps, even grooving - depends on whether you invited crazy uncle Albert or not!)

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