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We made search more awesome

Encore’s core purpose has always been to make finding great musicians as easy as possible, and recently we realised we could be doing that better. We had a long think about how best to help you discover talented performers, and I’m really excited to be showing you our new, more engaging search page.

Searching for musicians used to bring you to this page:

The old search page

Out with the old…
There was nothing particularly wrong with it, but there wasn’t anything extraordinary about it either. It was fairly lacklustre, and those symbols were really meaningless until you hovered over them. (Followers, Concerts and Groups, if you’re curious)

We wanted to make the search page a place to easily discover new talent, so we opted for a far more visually appealing tiled design with inline media.


In with the new
The white play button indicates whether that musician or group has media, and if they do, hovering over the tile will show you which types (Soundcloud or YouTube). From there, just click the icon to have the media play inside the tile itself. Allow me:


We’ve also been doing some really cool stuff with concerts, which some of you may have noticed, but we’ll be announcing all of that in one go soon…

James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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