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The Encore Community: 3 Things You Might Have Missed 🔎


While it’s been brilliant to have so many musicians involved in the new Community section of Encore, some of you haven’t yet had the time and are still missing out. Our Musician Support Lead, George, picks out three things you may have missed!

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In January, a new area of Encore was launched to allow Musicians to discuss all things music – the Encore Community.

Now, hundreds of Encore musicians have joined, and it’s only getting better and more beneficial for the members.

If you’ve been too busy with music commitments to check it out, then great! That’s exactly what we’d hope for you – a diary full of musical engagements 🎉

However, we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything valuable or useful. So here is a quick ‘Best Bits’ of the Community so far:

  1. Live Musician Help Sessions 📺
  2. Videos of the week: Have you been featured? 📹
  3. New Features: Give feedback and be the first to try 🕵️‍♂️

1. Live Musician Help Sessions 📺

By far the most popular element of the Community so far has been our weekly Musician Help Sessions, streamed live and posted back so you can catch-up.

Have you ever wanted in-depth advice on how to make a living through Encore? Sign-up for one of our fortnightly Profile Review sessions, where the in-house experts at Encore will give you a thorough run-through of where you could optimise your profile and messaging to improve your conversion rate on Encore.

Ever feel like you’d like a more personal experience from Encore? Join a monthly CEO Office Hours session, where Encore’s CEO James answers any question and discusses suggestions from members about ways we could improve the platform. 

In the session below, James and George discussed:

  • Why Encore was started
  • How the Encore team conquer fake jobs
  • Why some customers don’t respond and what we’re doing about it
  • The quickest ways to get in touch with Encore
  • Experiencing Encore as a customer
  • Last-minute bookings
  • Where is the Encore platform going?
  • Where does James think Encore could improve?
  • Using Calendars
  • What do customers base their booking decision on?

Wondering what the most booked acts are doing that you aren’t? Join a Musician Spotlight panel session, where the musicians that earn the most on Encore are interviewed and give their best advice and tips on winning bookings. We previously interviewed The Alleycatz and The Sound Express Band, who gave some amazing insight into how they became two of the top bands on the platform.

There will be plenty more of all of these sessions coming up, as well as other Live Help sessions, so definitely join whenever you can! 👌


2. Videos of the week: have you been featured? 📹


When you upload video content to Encore, our Media Freelancer, Alfie, checks and approves them to make sure they’re good enough to appear in our directory and don’t have any issues for customers who watch them. Musicians on Encore are always making amazing footage, so we get hundreds of clips uploaded every week! 

We’re always blown away by the sheer quality and quantity of talented musicians we have on the platform. Before the Community, Alfie’s were the only eyes to see these videos. No longer!

Now Alfie shares a weekly summary in the Achievements space with a round-up of the best media he’s seen.

If you’ve uploaded some amazing media to Encore since January 2022, there’s a chance you’ve already been featured! Look through previous round-ups here.

Whether you’re looking for weekly production inspiration, gig motivation, or just some great tunes to see you through the week, Alfie’s got you covered. 👊


3. New features: giving feedback and being the first to try! 🕵️‍♂️


If you’re an active member on Encore, there’s a high chance you know more about the website or app than most! This means you know better than most which

 features work well and which areas need improvement.

If so: the Community is the perfect place to tell us!

We regularly ask for feedback on new musician tools. We also announce any changes here first, meaning you’re the first to try any new features.

Have an idea for the platform? Let us know in the Give Feedback Space to get instant reaction from the team and your fellow musicians.

(And between you and me: if your idea gets a lot of traction in the Community, the Encore team is far likelier to set aside some time in their busy schedules to build your idea 🤫 )

So if you haven’t yet joined the Community, what are you waiting for?

Join for free with your Encore account here, and watch our video guide to the Community here.

Be sure to read the Start Here guide, and then write a post in the Say Hello space to Introduce yourself to everyone.

See you in the there! 👋

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