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Shiny New Features


It’s been a while since we let you know about developments to the site, but we hope you’ve been enjoying the interviews in our Rising Stars series.

While the site hasn’t experienced any dramatic transformations recently, we have just released a slew of new features today, which we really hope you’ll enjoy using. Let’s get cracking…

Image Galleries

Profile pictures and cover photos are all well and good, but a large number of you will have more photos from your performances that you want to show off. Our aim has always been for an Encore profile to do everything a personal website can do (and much, much more), and seeing as image galleries appeared on nearly every musicians’ website we visited, adding them to Encore became an obvious next step for us.

Adding a gallery is simple. Head to the Media tab of your profile, then scroll to the bottom where you’ll see these buttons:

image gallery

Ignore the last two buttons and hit “Add files”, which will bring up a file window. The rest of the upload process is fairly self-explanatory, and you can add up to 20 photos to your gallery, which will eventually look a little like this:


Aditya Chander, Encore’s beautiful poster boy
Clicking on any of these images brings up a lovely slideshow, which you can navigate through using your arrow keys.

YouTube Channels

This is a feature a few people have been asking for a while, apologies for taking so long to build it! Previously, you could only add one YouTube video. Now you can showcase a whole channel, and the player looks super fly:


You can still show a single video only, if you’d prefer, and adding a channel is just as easy as adding a video was before – simply copy and paste the channel URL or name into the box and hit “Add”.

Privacy Controls

As Encore gains more momentum, you, our members, will gain more exposure. This is great for everyone involved, but we want to give you full control over what non-members of the site can see on your profile.

To adjust your privacy settings, head to the Settings tab on your profile and scroll down a little to this section:


We’ve given you control over absolutely everything on your profile, and you can hover over the ? icons to learn more about how each setting works.

Email Notifications

Finally, we’ve begun work on email notifications. If you’re an active member of the site, you’ll probably receive automated emails from us every few days. For some of you, these notifications are great for keeping you in the loop, but we totally understand that, for others, they may be slightly annoying!


For now, you can only switch off “New follower” emails, but we should have more controls available to you within the next few days.

One more thing

We’re hard at work on some very cool features which are going to link up composers, performances and pieces in a very exciting way. Want to know when Bach is next being performed in your city? Soon, we’ll be able to tell you. Watch this space…

James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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