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The hunt for paid work is over

One year ago, James and I set out to build an incredible musicians’ network.

Over the last year:

  • 3000+ musicians have signed up to Encore
  • 800+ messages have been sent between Encore members
  • 500+ messages have been sent from external clients to our members

Most of these messages have been requests for musicians to perform at various concerts, gigs and events, and the idea that performers are being found for new opportunities through Encore really excites us.

Today, we’re proud to unveil the Encore Jobs page.


Click the screenshot above to browse our listings – joinencore.com/jobs
Finding good gigs can be a nightmare, and finding the right musicians can be a slow, painstaking process.

Encore exists to eliminate the stress and tedious admin around performances, and this Jobs page is our next step towards a hassle-free future for music.

Listings include everything you want to know about the gig: date and time, fee, location, and most importantly, performers required.


Step 1.

Simply click “I’m interested” when you see a gig relevant to you, and you’ll be presented with the following form:


Step 2.

We’ll send your Encore profile to the person organising the gig, so to improve your chances of being chosen, make sure it’s up-to-date and gives an accurate portrayal of you as a musician.

Step 3.

Track the progress of your potential gigs by heading to the Bookings tab of your dashboard.


Adding Gigs

Much like hating the viola, adding gigs is surprisingly easy. Simply hit the big green Add Job button, then fill out the following form:


Now, sit back and relax. Put your feet up. Make a cup of tea. We’ll send you the profiles of everyone interested and available, so all you have to do is send one email to your musician of choice confirming the booking. No more hours spent desperately hunting available musicians.

This is only the beginning. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be:

  • sending you email alerts when relevant gigs in your area are added
  • giving you powerful filtering tools to quickly scan the Jobs page for work
  • introducing a ‘recommend a friend’ feature

To check it out, head to joinencore.com/jobs

We’d love to know what you think about this new page. To give us your advice, click here.

James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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