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Introducing: The New Profile Design


We’re incredibly excited to unveil the new Encore Profile design!

Since we launched the last profile design back in early 2017, we’ve had countless phone calls with clients, and analysed thousands of enquiries to work out which information helps clients book musicians. We’ve pooled this knowledge together and come up with a new design which reflects your musicianship and maximises the chances that a client will enquire with you.

This means your profile is now:

  • More visually appealing
  • Easier to navigate
  • Optimised for clients using mobile devices
  • More comprehensive 

Let’s take a look at some of the new features we’re most excited about…

Take the tour

Our CEO and Co-Founder James McAulay presents a tour of the new profile.

New features

New visual design

Front and centre is a new full-width cover photo. This is an opportunity for you to make an instant impression on a potential client who visits your profile. If you’ve been storing away a brilliant high-definition photo of your act, now’s the time to dig it out and upload it.

Roughly 60% of the clients who view your profile will be viewing it on mobile, so we’ve also made sure you can adjust your cover photo for mobile users as well.  

Make sure you update your cover photo here.

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New minimisable media player

Navigating between different media types in the old profile could be a bit of a hassle. So we’ve compiled everything into one seamless gallery experience. Browsing your videos, Soundcloud, MP3 players and photos is now a piece of cake!  

Want to read through a profile while watching a video or listening to a track? No problem! Just minimise the media player and continue scrolling through the profile at the same time.  

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 21.30.53.png
Minimise your media player to multitask while you listen (appears bottom right corner)

Searchable Song List

If you’re a busy musician, you’ll have hundreds of songs in your repertoire. But when a customer visits your profile they often just want to see if you can perform their favourite song. No one likes spending hours scrolling through a huge list, so we’ve added a search bar at the top to save your customers time.

In future, we’ll also be letting you separate your song list into different setlists (e.g. organised by decade) to make showcasing your repertoire even easier.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

Extra details

We’ve added a few more details to your profile based on the information you’ve given in your tagging settings. Your Performance details section deals with those technical questions a lot of clients often ask: do you have your own PA, can you drive to the venue or perform outside.  Your Musicianship section summarises the tags and skills you’ve listed in your settings (for those clients who really like reading the small print). 

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 22.01.52
Your Performance and Musicianship sections help out clients who are interested in the finer details of what you provide

Coming soon…

We’ll soon be adding a new FAQs section to your profile, to help answer the questions clients ask you before every booking. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details!

And don’t forget… if you haven’t already, make sure you add your Price guide to your profile (a feature we launched in December). The new profiles work best with this pricing information and clients tend to book musicians who have upfront prices.

Finally a thank you!

As always we’re very grateful to all the Encore members who contributed towards the development of this update. Thanks to Encore members Sarah Munro, Sam Burkey, Andrew Paton, Lilac Sheer, Ben Welburn, Emma Rushworth, for letting us mock up their profiles during our design tests and particularly to John Read for providing helpful feedback on our initial designs. 🙂


Jonny Venvell

Jonny is Encore's Head of Artist Relations.

He's responsible for supporting and helping musicians on the platform and writes most of the musician-facing articles on the blog. He can usually be found singing in choirs, drumming in bands, or nodding meaningfully to particularly good chords in London's jazz bars.

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