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Introducing: Instant Phone Calls

We’ve built a new feature allowing you to take calls with your clients immediately through Encore. Communicating with customers is now easier, safer and faster than ever before!

The Birth of the Call: Jonny talks through how Instant Phone Calls work

We’re really excited to announce Instant Phone Calls, a new feature enabling clients to call you directly from their Enquiry page. Watch the video above and read on for more details!


  • Seamless communication: clients can now call you directly from their Enquiry page.
  • Secure calls: we never display your phone number publicly. Calls only come from clients who you’ve sent quotes to and are routed through our secure Encore phone line.
  • Never be caught by surprise: we’ll send you a text including the client’s name and event date 20 seconds before the line is connected to give you time to prepare for the call.
  • Safer bookings: we’ll store a recording of the call in case it’s needed in reference to a booking dispute.

How it works

  1. You apply for a job with a quote
  2. Client clicks the ‘Call’ button next to your application on their Enquiry page
  3. You receive a text notification including the client’s name and event date 20 seconds before the call arrives
  4. They receive an automated call from the Encore phone line asking them to ‘press 1’ to connect to your phone
  5. The call is redirected through Encore to your phone
  6. You’re instantly connected with the client through a secure Encore phone line!

If you don’t pick up, your voicemail service will work as normal. You’ll also receive a message in your Encore inbox showing which client called you. 

How to set your profile up for calls

  • Save this number in your contacts (01290 211813). All calls will be redirected through an Encore phone number. Save this in your contacts so you can easily recognise when an Encore client is calling.
  • Use mobile rather than landline. If you want to receive the incoming call text with the client’s name, make sure the phone number in your Encore Settings is a mobile.
  • Instant phone calls will be turned on by default. If you prefer, you can disable this in your Settings.

What if I want to call a client?

For data protection reasons, clients have to initiate the call. If you want a client to call you, simply send a message asking them to click the blue “Call” button they can see on their Enquiry page.

We’ll soon be releasing a call prompt feature enabling you to quickly let clients know you’re ready for a call.

A thank you!

Many of our members have given us feedback over the years about how important phone calls are for explaining their services to their customers. Mixing an online platform with off-line calls hasn’t always been easy, but thanks to all the advice we’ve received from our musicians we think we’ve come to a good solution!

What are your thoughts on the new phone call feature? Let us know what we can do to improve it by emailing [email protected]

Jonny Venvell

Jonny is Encore's Head of Artist Relations.

He's responsible for supporting and helping musicians on the platform and writes most of the musician-facing articles on the blog. He can usually be found singing in choirs, drumming in bands, or nodding meaningfully to particularly good chords in London's jazz bars.

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