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Introducing: Encore Teaching

Encore teaching background

Ever since the early days of Encore, we’ve asked ourselves one simple question: How can we get musicians more work, and make things safer, fairer and easier for all musicians while we’re at it?

Our focus until now has been exclusively on the ‘gigs’ side of the industry, and although it has turned out to be far from simple, we’re thrilled at the progress we’ve made. Thousands of musicians have earned millions of pounds between them through our bookings platform.

But we realised we wouldn’t be truly helping the typical working musician with all aspects of their careers until we dived into the world of music teaching.

Today I’m delighted to announce that after months of discussions with potential customers and teachers, we’re launching our first version of the Encore Teaching Beta.


Here’s what you can expect from today:

  • New alerts for teaching jobs within London for singers, pianists and guitarists (more locations and lesson types coming soon!)
  • A new settings page where you control which teaching opportunities you receive alerts for. This only takes a minute to fill out, and will ensure you’re ready to contact our prospective pupils as soon as they come to Encore.
  • If you don’t teach or would rather not receive our alerts – don’t worry! There’s a simple ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every Teaching email, which will turn off these emails without the need to log in – magic.
  • We’re launching with a simple commission-based pricing model which will be explained as you apply for each opportunity, similar to how our bookings platform works (though at a lower fee of 10%). This was the preferred model of the musicians we worked with whilst trialling the system, and reflects our long term ambitions to provide a valuable service throughout a course of lessons, rather than just an introduction to a customer. Of course, you’ll have full control over your own pricing for lessons, just as with bookings.
  • It will be business-as-usual for our gig bookings service. We’ll continue to invest in sending you more gigs, and our fantastic sales team will keep working hard on your behalf to help you secure bookings and communicate effectively with customers.


We’re only just getting started with teaching – here’s what you can expect in the coming months:

  • Never worry about lesson payments and awkward invoices again. Just as Encore Pay marked a new era in online musician payments when it launched in 2017, we’ll be adding secure and simple online payments to Encore Teaching. Your customers will enter their card details once, and then every subsequent invoice and payment will be handled automatically by our system according to your preferences.
  • Manage your work on the go with the Encore App. Thousands of musicians are already managing their bookings on the move with the app, and we’ll soon be adding teaching functionality so that you can manage lessons on-the-go (or even in a lesson).
  • Regular financial reports. No more trawling through stacks of invoices and long-lost email threads. With all your teaching and gigging work in one place, handling your accounts will be simpler than ever.


Nothing we’ve done on Encore could exist without your help, and that won’t be any different for Encore Teaching. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the service as it develops in the coming months. Please send us your thoughts or questions any time using our feedback form. Thank you!

James King

James King

James is the CTO and Co-founder of Encore. Usually found at one type of keyboard or another, James loves using the latest tech to build great web experiences. He plays the piano, drums and guitar.

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