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Encore Backstage: Introducing The Booking Form

Encore Backstage

Welcome back to the third edition of our Backstage blog series, where we lift the lid on the latest and greatest developments on the Encore platform. Today, we’ve got a huge feature to announce which affects any Encore member looking for more gigs!

Until now, clients and fixers could only enquire with you through the “Contact” button, which was originally intended for messaging between musicians. It worked, but enquiries were often badly formatted and didn’t always contain all the relevant information about the gig.

To address this, and to make it easier for you to receive and handle bookings, we’ve built the Encore Booking form.

Switching on this form shows clients and fixers that you’re available for bookings, and makes it easy for them to quickly send key gig details to you in a nice, readable format.

To enable the form on your profile or group page, you must have:

  1. A publicly visible profile
  2. A profile picture
  3. A short biography
  4. At least one form of media (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or MP3)

The next time you log in to Encore, you’ll see a new section at the top of your profile:

The new booking enquiries section

If you haven’t yet completed the 4 steps required to make your profile bookable, you’ll need to quickly add these items before the big green Enable button becomes active.

Once you’ve enabled the form, we’ll quickly work some magic while the page refreshes, and you’ll be presented with a whole new section at the top of your profile page.

Here’s how it looks when you’re on your own profile:

Booking enquiries - user view

On the left is a summary of your profile, along with a new Standard Rates section. Here, you can list some example rates or performance packages that you offer.

You may want to quote a typical hourly session fee, or your hourly teaching rate, or the cost of a 90-minute wedding reception performance. We’ve deliberately made this flexible. (Note: this section is not compulsory, as we know that many musicians prefer not to list their rates publicly)

Some examples of how different musicians and groups might use the Standard Rates section:

Solo Pianist

Solo Pianist Example Standard Rates

String Quartet

String Quartet Example Rates

Swing Band

String Quartet Example Rates

These prices are simply base prices for typical performances, and are intended to let clients browsing your profile quickly gauge how much they would have to spend to hire you or your group.

If you’re at all unsure about the rates you’re charging, we’d recommend:

On the right hand side is the booking form which clients will see. When someone fills this out, you’ll get an email containing all the details of the event or project, which you can reply to directly or view in the on-site messenger.

Here’s how all of this looks to a client browsing your profile:

Booking enquiries - client view

Oh, and did I mention that all of this is available on group pages too? If your group isn’t on Encore yet, add them here.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your profile page now to unlock the Booking Form and start getting more gigs!

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James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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