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Encore Backstage: Gigs for groups!

Encore BackstageThanks for stopping by for the fourth installment of Encore Backstage, your behind-the-scenes pass to the latest and greatest developments on the Encore platform!

Do you have a group or ensemble which is on the look out for gigs, but you weren’t sure how Encore could help? Or maybe you’ve been booked as a group on Encore already, but you had to send over your application as an individual and explain to the client which group you were in.

Well, your troubles are no longer!

As part of our recent overhaul of the Encore bookings process, we’ve given ensembles of all types the exact same Encore superpowers as individual musicians.

If you’re an admin for one or more Encore group pages, you’ll see something like this next time you look at a job on our jobs page:

Applying with a group on Encore

That’s right – you can now apply for jobs on behalf of your group!

If your group isn’t on Encore yet, simply click Add Group, fill out the group’s profile, and then come back to apply for the job when you’re ready. For some jobs, applications will be restricted to groups only, so make sure you’re ahead of the game and have all your groups on Encore.

When you apply as a group, you’ll still receive all communication from the client as usual, and you’ll act as the point of contact for your group. Remember: the client will be able to listen to your group while they’re deciding who to book, so be sure to fill out your page with tons of great content before you start applying for gigs!

After a successful gig, the client will leave a review directly to your group’s page, and this will also be visible on the profiles of each group member. The more work you get through Encore, the better your page will look, and the more likely you are to get booked again!

Encore group review

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James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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