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Earn £20 for every musician you invite to Encore

Encore gets better for everyone as the number of musicians in our community increases, so we’ve come up with a way to reward you, our members, for helping spread the word.

To give you a sense of how much work is going through the site:

160 paid gigs have been listed on Encore since we launched our Jobs page in October.


That number is only going to increase as more and more musicians hear about our revolutionary booking system. So, here’s the plan:

Refer a friend to Encore, and we’ll send you £20 when they get booked for their first gig.


It really is that simple. The rewards scheme started a few days ago (November 23rd 2015), so it’s important you know exactly how to spread the word.

1. Suggest a job to a friend

If you see a gig on our jobs page that someone you know would be interested in, you can send it to them in a couple of clicks.

Either enter their email address and hit “Send” to invite them by email, or use one of the social icons to send it using your favourite app. If the person you refer gets the gig, you’ll get £20. Not bad for 20 seconds of work!


2. Using the social share buttons

You have a few options on your Encore Dashboard.

The Facebook and Twitter buttons behave exactly as you’d expect, and the envelope icon will open up a short pre-written email containing your link.

My personal favourite is the Messenger icon, which lets you send your link directly to a few friends in a matter of seconds:


3. Import your Gmail contacts

If you want to invite a lot of people at once, the easiest way is to either import your Gmail contacts, which will let you quickly choose which musicians to invite from your address book. Or, you can enter a list of emails from your own contacts list or spreadsheet.

You can do all of this on your Referrals page, which also shows you how many friends you’ve invited and how much you’ve earned. To check it out, click the image below.


Click me

1185 Encore members have joined through a referral so far, which represents 26% of the entire Encore community!

If you don’t invite your friends, someone else will. What are you waiting for?


Click Paul’s hi-five below to get started.

James McAulay

Encore Co-Founder & CEO. Cellist, pianist, singer and aspiring guitarist.

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