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Corporate Christmas Party Ideas for 2023


As the holiday season approaches, the time has come for businesses to start preparing for their annual corporate Christmas party. Amidst the multitude of considerations that go into organizing such an event, there’s one vital element that stands out in its ability to shape the perfect atmosphere – music. 

In this blog post, Encore Musicians will delve into some captivating musical ideas for your 2023 corporate Christmas party, ones that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your employees and colleagues alike.

The Magic of Live Music

Live Bands

Nothing beats the excitement and enthusiasm that a live band can bring to an event. Live bands can interact with the audience and create unique experiences by allowing employees to sing along, participate in a call-and-response, or even join them on stage. 

Live bands can tailor their music to the company’s culture and preferences and professional live bands are skilled at maintaining the event’s flow, seamlessly transitioning between different parts of the program. They can provide background music during arrivals and dinner, then shift to more energetic tunes for dancing and celebration. 

Jazz Bands 


If you’re looking to infuse your corporate Christmas party with a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance, consider hiring a jazz band. Jazz music, with its smooth melodies and sophisticated rhythms, is the perfect choice for creating a relaxed yet refined ambiance.

When looking for a jazz band to complement your corporate Christmas event, Neon Blue is our top choice with raving reviews from our corporate clients and our most booked musicians in 2021.

Party bands

all male band with lead singer singing into a mic and a guitar in black and white

Party bands are specifically designed to keep the celebration going all night long. These bands specialize in playing a wide range of danceable tunes, from classic rock and pop hits to funky grooves and soulful jams. If you want to ensure that your corporate Christmas party turns into an unforgettable dance party, a party band is the way to go.

Among the top choices for party bands, we highly recommend Encore’s most booked party band of 2022, The Maestros, for your corporate holiday event.

Traditional Christmas carol groups


For a more traditional touch and a dash of nostalgia, consider bringing in carolers or acoustic musicians to serenade your guests with classic Christmas tunes. Their sweet melodies can add a warm and inviting ambience to your event, perfect for mingling and creating a cosy holiday atmosphere.

When it comes to infusing your corporate Christmas event with the warmth and charm of traditional carols, we recommend Euphony Voices. As one of our most booked carol singers, Euphony Voices can bring the spirit of the season to life at your corporate gathering.

Top tips: It’s important to make sure the band has experience with corporate events as the etiquette and crowd are different than of other events and important to check if they can take song requests in advance to avoid any disappoint on the day.

Solo Singers or Duets

For a more intimate and engaging musical experience at your corporate Christmas party, consider solo singers and duets. These artists can create a warm and inviting atmosphere whilst being more cost effective than a full band and offers more versatility in song choices. 

Classical singers


For elegance and timelessness, classical singers would be the way to go. Their powerful vocals and mastery of classical pieces can add a touch of sophistication and grandeur.

You can also work with classical singers to incorporate classical renditions of Christmas carols into their performance, adding a festive twist to the classical repertoire. For classical singers, Encore suggests classical duo Sirens. With Encore for over five years, these musicians have earned themselves great reviews from our corporate clients.

Acoustic guitarists and singers 

3 person music band with two men, one woman. Photo has a rosy filter

Acoustic singers and guitarist provide an intimate and relaxed musical experience, perfect for smaller corporate gatherings or cocktail hours.

Additionally, Acoustic artists can cover a broad range of musical genres, making them suitable for diverse tastes and their music can serve as delightful background music during a cocktail hour or dinner portion of your event.

One of Encore’s top recommendations would be acoustic band, Ward Smith, who have BBC Live Lounge and for artists including Jess Glynne, Ellie Goulding and Emile Sande.

Opera singers


Opera singers bring a grand and theatrical element to your corporate Christmas event. Their powerful voices and dramatic performances can create a memorable and awe-inspiring experience.

Aside from adding a distinctive and unique element to your corporate Christmas party, you can also work with opera singers to incorporate holiday-themed operatic pieces into their repertoire, combining the grandeur of opera with the festive spirit of Christmas.

For a great performance, we recommend Vasili Karpiak, an opera singer tenor with big selection of arias & songs for any type of event. 

Top tips: With solo singers and duets, it’s important to think about the venue’s acoustics and to ensure that the singer is familiar with the Christmas songs you’d like to hear beforehand.


Hiring a DJ


If you want to mix up your musical options, hiring a professional DJ can be an excellent choice. A skilled DJ can tailor the music to suit the crowd, take live requests, and seamlessly transition between genres and eras to keep everyone entertained. Most importantly, DJs can adjust the tempo of the evening as needed. 

Share your music preferences and any specific songs or genres you’d like the DJ to include in their setlist. A good DJ will be open to customization and will work with you to create a playlist that fits your event’s theme i.e. classical Christmas songs or modern hits. 

DJ MRBECKZ is Encore’s top choice for a corporate event DJ with experience working with Amazon, NHS, Royal Albert Hall, John Lewis. 

Top tips: It’s also important to critical to check that the DJ has experience in corporate setting to ensure that the music and entertainment align with the professionalism, objectives, and unique requirements of corporate events.

alt="two girls sinigng to karaoke"

For a fun and interactive twist to your corporate Christmas event, consider hosting a karaoke session. Karaoke allows your employees to become the stars of the show, creating memorable and lighthearted moments that encourage team bonding. 

For an unforgettable Karaoke experience, have a mix of popular Christmas songs and all-year-round hits to make sure everyone can get involved and consider a professional karaoke setup for better sound quality. 

Top tips: Offer prizes or awards for the best karaoke performances to add an element of competition and excitement to the event.

Themed Musical Nights


To make your corporate Christmas party stand out, consider hosting themed musical nights. 

These themes can add a unique twist to your event and create a memorable experience where employees can dress up according to the theme. 

Here are a few themed musical night ideas:

  • ’80s Retro Christmas: Transport your guests back in time to the 1980s with a retro Christmas party. Hire a DJ or live band that specializes in ’80s hits and Christmas classics. Encourage guests to dress in ’80s fashion, and decorate the venue with neon lights and retro decor.
  • Christmas Movie Soundtracks Night: Showcase the magic of Christmas through movie soundtracks. Hire a live orchestra or ensemble to perform iconic Christmas movie songs from classics like “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Carol,” and “The Polar Express.” Combine this with a movie screening for a cozy and nostalgic experience.
  • Winter Wonderland Ballroom Dance Night: Create an elegant and romantic atmosphere with a winter wonderland ballroom dance night. Hire a live band or orchestra to play classic ballroom dance tunes and waltzes. Decorate the venue with sparkling lights and winter-themed decor. Offer dance lessons or encourage guests to show off their dance moves.


Selecting the right musical setting for your corporate Christmas party is paramount. It’s essential to align your choices with your company’s culture, employee preferences, and the desired ambiance. 

Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, solo performances, karaoke, or themed musical nights, the music should enhance the experience and create lasting memories. Engaging with your team to understand their preferences and striking the right balance will ensure a successful and enjoyable celebration. Let the music set the tone for a memorable corporate holiday event.

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