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60 seconds with Michael Dunne, our 1000th member

We reached 1000 members this week, so to celebrate, we caught up with, Michael Dunne (far left), member #1000.

Best gig ever?

A couple of years ago I hopped over to Canada with the Oxford Uni Jazz Orchestra. We ended up supporting the Mingus Big Band at the Ottawa Jazz Festival, it was pretty okay. We got free sandwiches.

Most disastrous gig?

I’m going to say that my gigs are never disastrous because otherwise, people would be like “you are a disaster” and I wouldn’t get hired.

Oxford or Cambridge?

Obviously Oxford. But also, obviously Cambridge.


Definitely not a disaster
If you could perform with one musician or band from any era, who would it be, and what would you play?

It might be Bill Evans, c.1961: and it might be Waltz for Debby. If I had time, though, I’d like to introduce him to “Toxic” by Britney Spears. I think Bill’s the only one capable of giving the song the poignancy it deserves.

If that doesn’t work out, it’d probably be Beyoncé, present day. We’d play through some jazz standards. Jay-Z would come in and offer us snacks, and I’d say “not right now, Shawn, we’re jamming“.

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