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Jazz Band
Zenais is a jazz group of musicians(female lead vocals, male backing vocals/keyboard,drums)

Zenais is a group of musicians(female lead vocals, male backing vocals/keyboard,drums)who can deliver jazz sounds giving the own personal touch. What we do is a "transformation",as we call it, a beautifull adaptation of songs from different genres in our own unique smoothie style. The origin of our group's name comes from the ancient Greece. Zenais is the short version of the name 'Zenaida' an unusual and out of the ordinary woman surrounded by an aura of mystery.We play Standarts, Swing and also Latin Jazz( Bossanova, Samba Funk, Samba Jazz,Cuban Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Rhumba,Bolero and Chachacha). We transform covers from various music genres into jazzy tunes in our own personal style.

Jazz Band
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