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Vienna, Austria

Under the baton of Otto Nicolai on March 28, 1842, the Court Opera Orchestra presented a “grand concert”, which is considered the birth of the Vienna Philharmonic. On this occasion, all of the orchestra’s principles, which remain valid to this day, were in effect for the first time: only musicians who are engaged in the Vienna State Opera Orchestra can become members of the Vienna Philharmonic; all decisions are made independently and autonomously in general meetings of all active members on a democratic basis; these decisions are implemented by a democratically elected administrative committee of twelve musicians. The orchestra has been a registered association since 1908. The Vienna Philharmonic performs approximately 110 concerts every season, presents Vienna Philharmonic Weeks in New York and Japan, and has participated in the Salzburg Festival since 1922. The orchestra makes guest appearances in leading concert halls and festivals around the world and presents the New Year's Concert, which is broadcast internationally in over 90 countries, and the Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn, which is attended annually by up to 120,000 people.

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